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Monday, May 9, 2016

MONDAY #2696

One Of My Very Own…

I thought that very funny.



Fort McMurray, Canada looks like a war zone.

Want to help those poor people. Here's how:




And then there's this from my most trusted advisor:

:Your (and Bill Nye's) support for GMOs seems to consider only the health and safety of consumption. But there are huge ecological concerns. For example, a common GM trait is resistance to particular types of herbicides, such as glyphosate, so stronger herbicides can be used to control weeds without affecting crops. Herbicide exposure is toxic ("inert" ingredients in Roundup cause birth defects) even if the food crop itself isn't. Other GM plants produce their own insecticides, such as Bt toxin, to prevent pest damage and require less pesticide application. The effect of these GM traits on the local ecosystem is not well known but evidence of adverse impact is already being documented. Another ecological concern is the potential for GM traits to “escape” into other species by hybridization. This has been clearly documented in a dozen of the world's most important food crops. This is the major reason behind the EU resisting the planting of even a single GMO crop: once done, it can never be undone. We should exert the precautionary principle here simply because we would only discover errors after considerable and irreversible environmental damage.

- Your trusted advisor"


People at the Kentucky Derby looked just like this when they showed the infield...


They have no idea. People have taken to carrying an umbrella at all times.


Psychologists call it the contagion effect or suicidal transmission. 
An interesting read about a rather unique place.
Care to learn a whole bunch about Dutch history. The movie "Admiral" is a good start.


[Spelling bee]

Your word is Monogamous.


*2 Judges stare at each other*

1st judge nods.

2nd judge: "We'll allow it."



I'd like to apologize to the lady in the waiting room. I assumed you wanted your hair held back while she ate her banana.


Some people never learn.

They had an online contest to name a school...


Murica, by god!


Said to be true.


When I was 8 yrs old, I walked to school by myself; now I had to hold your kid's hand right up to their first drug deal.


Look carefully at this.

That is one lazy-ass electrician.


This reminded me of something extraordinary I saw one time.

My crew and I were taking a drive around the countryside during a rain delay in mural painting and we came upon acres and acres of pallets stacked with bundles of small straight cyprus limbs about as big as your thumb and four or so feet long. There were, literally, millions of them.

So I pulled over and we all had a stab at guessing what the sticks were for, then I drove to a workman and asked him. He said that they were all used to create fake trees for Walmart. I asked how many they shipped out a week and he estimated a thousand pallets.


- Sorry I brought my mom.

- Masturbated to your facebook pics.

- So I'm on this list....

- How much for the night?

- They say it's not contagious.

- Jet fuel melts steel beams

- My intelligence intimidates most women.

- I'm not allowed there sorry.

- Are you on the pill?

- I am not racist but....


- She'll just have a salad


I had no idea how much land had been effected.

What a haunting photograph. An old woman visiting the town of her birth.


Want to guess what happens when you put a book under tremendous pressure.

Go ahead and guess. I'll show you later.



This is the way it is done right...

This is the way to do it wrong...

What is she...a Spartan?

And this is to show you there are no new ideas...


In Hillary's defense, a lot of your friends probably give you $15,000,000 a few times a year and don't expect anything in return.


I need more Space.

How will the future judge us?


Asghar Khamseh won the Sony World Photograhy Award 2015 with a photography series about the prevalance of acid-throwing in Iran.

^Said no to her suitor

^Her husband learned about her petition for divorce.

^Brother's wife attacked her and her children.

^For making prank calls that he hadn't made after all.

^Decided she had to divorce. She and her now dead daughter disfigured.


People make mistakes.

One of my bartenders had done some runway modeling and I asked her about this problem of going on display in brand new shoes she has never worn before. She said she insisted on having time to practice.

Then there are the mistakes made because you are just too lazy to do it correctly.


What are you going to say when your grandchild asked what you did to right the wrongs in your society?

Seriously. Ask yourself.


Who you gonna call?


Seafood vendor cheats customers...

The rest of the caption read: From fresh (alive) to Not so fresh.

That's slick as shit.



Ever notice how loud the sound of a beer can opening up is at the gym.


The book...

I didn't know it would explode, either.


A major design flaw...


Oh thank goodness, my Uber driver knows what's really wrong with this country.


Have a great week, Gentle Reader. And smile...smile at the absurdities you are bound to confront this week. And send them to me. I need material. I won't use your name, I promise.

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Boaty McBoatface Lives: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-37685883

As a yellow submarine no less.

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