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Sunday, May 29, 2016


One Of My Very Own…

I'm so sorry. That was awful. Here's another...



Dr. Henry Heimlich, the 96-year-old surgeon credited with inventing the lifesaving technique named for him, used it for the first time this week to save a fellow senior center resident who was choking on a hamburger on Friday.
Credited with saving more American lives than anyone else. What about the guy who invented airbags and seatbelts or smoke alarms? And Jonas Salk!


Smart man, Bertrand. And no matter how you word it, it all comes down to believing or disbelieving this...

But of course the question begs to be asked, "Who made the devil?"

I've stated before, of all the thousands of gods man made up, the Christian god has to be the most boring.

Do you believers really read your own book?

You, Gentle Reader, should be able to do ANYTHING if you believe.

This cartoon is 100% true of me...

How can a perfect book have so many contradictions.

Some guy tracked down all the contradictions in the bible and here's his graph.

Thomas Jefferson did it by cutting out all contradictions and there was very little left.

And then there are tidbits like this...

And don't try to pull "But that was the old law" bullshit. IT WAS THE SAME GOD!

That makes me sad.

You real Christians have no idea how extraordinarily freaky symbolic cannibalism is to nonbelievers.

This kind of logic is not far removed from fact:

More nails...

So, you think this is too silly to consider?

But you have no idea what heaven will be like.

I really like asking true believers what they will do all day and what they will wear and how they are going to recognize your dead loved ones.

My wife just checked her Farmville for the first time in a year. It's now a Walmart.


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