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Monday, June 6, 2016

MONDAY #2724

One Of My Very Own…


Muhammad Ali is dead. Time for everybody to act like they were life long fans.



Sadly that is true...not even Florida Man, from Texas.

This happened 27 years ago today.

And we still don't know the magnificent bastard's name.


There needs to be a new words for stupidity of that magnitude.

Remember young men, she can't leave if you're wearing all of her clothes.

In all honesty, that's something I had never thought about before.

That's called being a "Free Thinker" and it's a good thing.

It's called a 90 degree transmission or some such shit...

...but we all know you are thinking exactly what I'm thinking.

I couldn't agree with anything more than this.

I understand protecting kids, but sometimes the rules are just stupid. There was a psychopathic child whose own mother had to lock her bedroom door at night so that he didn't kill her. By law, this kid had to spend a full six months in a school with normal kids before he could be sent to get the help he most desperately needed. Dozens of 'normal' students were terrorized every single day for half their school year.

Then there is the zero-tolerance run amok. The rules say that any fight must result in both combatants suspended for the day. The next morning the parents of both children must come to the school to 'make peace.' Then the educators are called to racists for suspending more black boys than white boys. The fact is (after 20 years in the classroom) that black kids solve their problems more often with violence than white children, and that includes girls as well as boys. Don't take my word for it, do some research.

What a wonderful idea.

Instead of plastic these are made out of left over wheat and barley that comes from making beer! It can be eaten by sea life without harm to them, or it can dissolve. I would love to see these put into mass production for all 6/4 packs of canned beer.

This building in Montreal shows its own growth and history.

I think that wall should be preserved for its history. Plus it is just a damn nice thing to look at.

Any dog can be a guide dog if you don't care where you're going.(reminds me of my wife's map reading on roadtrips)


I like those very much.

Father, son, Grandfather and Great Grandfather, photo by Irving Penn, New Guinea, 1970

And to think that that child could be taken to, say, Green Bay, Wisconsin and adopted by a loving, caring family and could become an astronaut. Instead his major achievement will be gaining the skill to kill a monkey with a blowgun.
Not there's anything wrong with that.

All these years I thought my grandma had Alzheimers, and turns out she just didn't want to talk to me.
The look on the photographer's face...

My black cat just ate my four leaf clover. That can't be good.
Strange how, to me, a show gets boring after a while...

Indie movie: The Returned.

Interesting twist on an old tale. Zombie outbreak where the infected person can be, if not cured, then at least put into remission with the spinal fluid of another zombie. The more people cured, the less spinal fluid you have to keep the infected in check.
And remember, the recovered Returned are husbands, fathers, policemen, etc. Quick, what do you do?
Then there was the scene where everyone in the subtitles were given names except...

Now for my pet peeve. Her husband needs the extraordinarily scarce spinal fluid and law and order is breaking down. He gets a gun. She forbids it with gem of wisdom...

...and that with the onset of the SECOND apocalypse already begun.

Speaking of TV show ideas...

Months ago I posted an gif of a fight that was credited to a group of Muslims beating up a white guy and the police would not or could not help and the news media ignored it. I called bullshit, but one commenter picked up on my phrase, "I run across this sort of thing all the time" and requested I tell him where I had found it. Well, I tried and tried, but could never find the site.

Then I ran across it again and here are some of the "news items" they want to bring to our attention since the news media "won't touch it."

So? What do you think? You think the news media is afraid to show us that stuff? Let's all do some research.
I do know this as a fact. I won't bore you with how I ended up at a house party on Sullivan's Island, but here's what happened. Everyone was having a great time, then a guy ran in the front door and yelled, "The Egyptian guys are here." And immediately all the girls at the party ran out the back door. The alarm was just a cruel hoax, and after the girls rejoined the party I asked a few of them what that was all about. They told me that a half dozen Egyptian guys had rented a house on the water and would walk down the beach until they came upon a woman in a bathing suit. Then they would surround the young woman and begin to fondle her: fingers probing her anus, hand down the front of her pants, two hands squeezing her breasts. When she ran away screaming, they just laughed and went on to another victim.

It was explained that being Egyptian, the only women who dressed like that were prostitutes and the men were actually rather confused over the women's reactions.

Additionally, my friend, Susan spent some time in Saudi Arabia and got squeezed and probed. Hers is not a lone story.

Now let's look at the percentage of "sexual assault" cases in Europe by Muslim men. It could be the very same cultural conditioning.

That doesn't make it right. But it does make it understandable.

Of course, most religions confuse me...




Will glass coffins be a success?

Remains to be seen.
Remains. To. Be. Seen. Coral.

The rifle is the first weapon you learn how to use, because it lets you keep your distance from the client. The closer you get to being a pro, the closer you can get to the client. The knife, for example, is the last thing you learn.

Speaking of shooters...

This is a Soviet sniper...

This is some badass sumbitch sniper from some damn place...

Here's America's next generation of badasses...


Tom Cruise's horse cleverly identifies the enemy spy in the ranks....

That large animal karate kick thing seems to be much more of a problem than I would have thought...

And then there's these stupid bastards...

Unluckily for the store owner, there was a professional lion tamer to render assistance.

If you can't trust tires, who can we trust?

And then there are those folks that fate just let's be...

Zero fucks given.

Problem solving at its finest...

...when labor is cheap.

Interviewer: "Your résumé says you have a bad memory."
Me: "I said that?"

Backwards is always fun...

Psychiatrist: "Tell me about your trust issues."
Me: "No."

Those zany Scots...

You know, I got a lot more exercise back when I had to physically walk around Blockbusters instead of scrolling through Netflix.
I might have just figured out why Folio Olio may have been banned in Russia...

Johnny Depp could lose 50 hands of strip poker in a row and wouldn't even have all his thumb rings off yet.

Very powerful photo-essay I wanted to share.

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