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Saturday, June 25, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


Well, the Brits have voted...

Live picture from the Chunnel...


I've been eating a lot of BBQ. This place is 90 years old.

Donald Trump postulated as a "Manchurian candidate?"

THE BIG IDEA: Salman Rushdie (of all people) floated the idea last fall that Donald Trump is a Democratic plant whose ultimate goal is to get Hillary Clinton elected president.


This is from our young friend that I've mentioned before. We don't know if it's a spoof or not, but the wording is rather unique.

I saw a beautiful young woman spank her kid for throwing his fries on the floor, so I threw my fries on the floor...she didn't seem to notice.



A loyal viewer sent me this. He said as soon as he saw it, it reminded him of me.

Here's an enlargement.

The rest of you could do well to also offer me help in amassing images....just saying.

A kid that works at my bar was asked to go to the beach. He said that he hadn't been swimming since he was 13 years old. And when they asked him why he showed them this.

Probably one of the worse ink jobs I've ever seen. Got it from a relative. The person that told me the story sad, "He had a rough childhood."
You think!?

Just a matter of scale...

Men love to "prove" their manhood.

I still don't know if that is an epic fail or an epic win.

How to tell your handyman is not a true professional...

I call it spotting the lie in his resume.

Give this one some time before you scroll down...

My wife is not a control freak. She is a control enthusiast.

Let me count the ways...

Men do like sex in weird places.

Notice that he offered no assistance.

And neither did the man taking the picture.
Is that Linda's mom?

Only a guy would poke a snake just for the hell of it.

Contrary to what my voicemail will lead you to believe, I am in fact not sorry for missing your call.


Speaking of men and basketball...

Remember this phrase...

And then there's this...

In America, feng shui is just aiming all of your furniture at the TV.

Who really gives a shit?

But not all men are stupid...

I tried to post the gif a long time ago, but no go. I think this boiling water trick just may work.

A guy did this. I'm sure of it.


The size of a tornado compared to the size of wind turbines.

That's actually very impressive...if it's not just a matter of lensing.


I looked it up and apparently it's true.

More rock porn...

If I lived where there was an abundance of rocks, I am sure I would make art out of them.

A new star is born...

This is a perfect example of self-hypnosis.

Well documented and anything but spiritual.


Everyone loves the office person that tells everyone about the true meaning of St. Patrick's day. 

A problem I will never have...

I watched an entire video about this stuff...

Coating the inside of the container allows all the contents to flow out....even ketchup.

The idea is to coat the inside of pipelines to eliminate friction.

Public Art

Watch carefully.

So what is your take-away from that? Well, it should be to always sit facing the back. And select a seat high enough to stop your whiplash. Notice the blue seats toward the back...facing to the rear and high backed.

This image is a paradox.

Para. Dox.

My wife is the kind of person that opens gifts carefully "to save the paper." Yeah, I know you feel my pain.


This problem can not be overstated.

I talked to a really smart educator who told me that even our smartest students at our finest public schools can't stand up against the best in other countries.


Anonymous said...

I liked the sushi bumper sticker on the back of the Ford, where can I get one like it?

Larry said...

Look at the bumper sticker on the left side of the tailgate!

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