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Monday, July 4, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


Commuters in Glasgow were moved to tears as actors dressed as fallen soldiers sung a poignant WWI song from the trenches at Battle of the Somme. More than one million men were wounded or killed, during the battle.

Speaking of England...

Welsh Fans Going Mental at Wales' knockout of Belgium 3-1 in Euro2016

Germany/Italy shoot out



Men, what's with the fucking removal of body hair? You look like a 12 year old Dutch girl.

For much of human history we've worked to create technology that catches liars based on physical cues. Tools like polygraphs, brain scans, voice stress analysis, and blood pressure monitors haven't proved entirely reliable and are also not admissible in courts in the United States.

Three Ways to Spot a Liar.

1. Liars avoid using the pronoun "I."
"Nothing happened," rather than "I didn't cheat on you."
2. Liars use negative language.
"My car broke down," they might add "It's such a hassle! European cars are so temperamental."
3. And when they do use the word I, liars avoid nuance, and instead offer simplified explanations.
I am not a crook.
I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Carlos Urban's colorful, chromatic urban work...

Are any babies named Craig or do they just become Craig when they turn 30?


Oh, I get it now...

I told my wife to make me feel special. She gave me crayons and a helmet.

This is an awful font to use on television for scores, etc.

Let's just smallinize it like on TV and you can hardly tell what number that is.

Here is a much better font.

Here's the same number...see how easy it is?

2014 Devaux Coupe 3

That's right, it's a modern vehicle. Or so I'm told.

Saturn's Great Hexagon

So basically it is caused by a set of symmetric jet streams powered by storms.

I once told my daughters that our family had a native American heritage of the Slapahoe Tribe.




I seems to me that every so often a dream catcher must be 'emptied' to make room for new dreams. So who does this thing? And do they get paid?


Now look at the nose.

Yeah, we found another lie in his resume...

I've been mounting things to walls for a long, long time, and this looks like a winner.


ANIMALS: more specifically, their mouths.

That inbred bitch wouldn't last 15 minutes in the wild.

Did you yawn?

Aren't we glad it's not as big as the panther it looks like?

If only there was like a stick or something nearby he could have used to do that instead.

Moving on to just plain Oddness.

And then he....

Shakes hands!

How is that even possible?

Who thought it would be a good idea for old men to do this thing? Oh, yeah, the now unemployed guy.

And I've left my favorite until last...

Originally "God willing and the Creeks don't rise" was in reference to the Creek Indians and not a body of water.


That's what I did.

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