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Sunday, July 24, 2016


One Of My Very Own…



How hot is it?

I've had to turn the AC on in my office at 10 am.
As I understand it, the whole country is hot.



It's called repetitive pattern and the human eye likes it...

Here's a screen save of a movie. Very nice cinematography...

RULE 38 to perfection.


SCAD Museum of Art in Savannah, GA.
Artist: Daniel Arsham

More than 3,000 people in the Hull, England got completely naked and painted themselves different shades of blue this weekend in a large-scale art installation by New York artist, Spencer Tunick. Participants posed on their sides in a project dubbed “Sea of Hull.” It’s the biggest art installation ever in the U.K.

This may not be art, but the craftsmanship is impressive...

I hope you can appreciate that.

Henrique Oliveira


Can film be art? You tell me.

A woman isn't really heartbroken unless she does something drastic to her hair.



The inventor of autocorrect has died. His funfair will be hello on Sundial.


When You Win the Lottery but you're still a Redneck.

Earth is a small town in Lamb County, West Texas, United States and is possibly the only place on planet Earth that is named Earth.

Movie makers only have to show graffiti like this to communicate to the viewer that it is in a shitty neighborhood.

First they came for the Fight Club members, but I said nothing, because...you know...rules.


Let's play a game:
There is a phone in this photo...more precisely, a phone case. I spotted it within seconds as there are several obvious clues.

This man is running as fast as he can toward the edge of that roof. What happens next.

A. He grabs one of those pipes at the last second and swings back onto the same roof.
B. He almost makes the jump to another building, but falls.
C. He makes the jump to the other building.
D. He trips at the last moment and falls to his death.

This should have been child's play.


Do not marry that man....without lots of insurance.


Tried to download this before and couldn't, but this stuff looks delicious.

Battlebot stops opponent's axe mid-swing.

I am very glad they brought this show back on air.


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