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Saturday, July 23, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


I wondered why I could find nothing...

Somebody did this.


My daily hits just about doubled.
Well, let's see about this...


En oförglömlig syn hälsade oss välkomna till Gagnefsfestivalen.

The whole world loathes this man.




This is one of those frogs that got stuck in the wet concrete of a sidewalk, then left their impressions by the hundreds.

I would have thought he knew better...

They see me rollin' they be eatin'.

This is one pissed off elephant...

You ever been so pissed off you beat a van with a motorcycle?


Footage of helicopter going down on the street.

Why are we all amazed when we see this?

We know the rain has to end some place, but it still surprises us when we find it.

This is what an earthquake looks like...

That this is so malleable still amazes me...

This is that living robot I posted as a still yesterday...


Because they could.

Destroying a WWII sea mine found on a beach...

In The Valley of Elah is a film with Tommy Lee Jones. It concerns the mental damage done to 18/19 year old kids who are sent to war.

I gave it 5 stars.


Guy found a Cheeto that looks remarkably like the $50,000 winner.


(I'm sorry France. That is not one of mine, I stole it. I know without your help with the British we would all be speaking English, so thank you.)



The driver opens his door in front of a moving motor scooter. What happens next?

A. Turns out the cyclist is a woman and she gives birth on the road.
B. One of them shoots the other, only to be shot himself.
C. The tiny scooter tears the door off the car.
D. Something too ridiculous to describe occurred.

On board the Space Station: What happens next?

A. A man in a gorilla suit jumps out of the box and chases people.
B. A naked astronaut crosses the doorway.
C. A fire breaks out.
D. Someone throws something that hits the cameraman in the head.

There are a ton of this type "magic trick" on the internet...

Here's the way they do it in Asia...

D. Something too ridiculous to describe occurred.

A. A man in a gorilla suit jumps out of the box and chases people.

This is said to be opalized wood.

"At your cervix, m'lady."
- me as an OBGYN and also just me.



Man, fuck shoes...am I right, guys?

I don't know what he expected. This obviously isn't his first run-in with footwear.

Minnesota Bullfighting

This Pennsylvania Gal Went To Jail Because Of Her Loud Sex, so loud that it shook furniture in her neighbor's home.

Let's not arrest Amanda. I say we give her an award and name a street after her.

When I see grown ass men walking around the neighborhood looking for Pokemon...

When she shuts off your televised football game...but tells you she's horny.


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