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Saturday, July 30, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


DNC protesters sets himself on fire while trying to burn the flag.

There's a drug joke in here someplace...


[awful tragedy happens]
Me (rolling up sleeves): Time to be an idiot online.


Yeah, weak allies, indeed.

Speaking of...

If your ringtone is my alarm sound, you can go straight to hell.



My friend was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.

Bingham Canyon Mine Landslide

On April 10, 2013, a gigantic chunk of earth and rocks gave away and crashed into the humongous pit created by copper mining at the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah, the United States.

Approximately 65 to 70 million cubic meters of debris thundered down the walls of the mine reaching speeds up to 100 miles per hour. The event was so large that it shook the earth and the tremors were picked up by seismic sensors designed to record earthquakes. The intensity recorded by the instruments measured 2.5 in Richter Scale. In other words, the landslide felt like a 2.5 quake.
Never heard of it.

Pioneer Daniel Boone once blazed a trail through the Cumberland Gap that would become known as Wilderness Road.

In March 1775, from Long Island of the Holston in present-day Kingsport, Tennessee, Daniel Boone led 30 ax-men in cutting the road. Hacking away across mountains and through swamps and canebrakes, within a month he reached the Kentucky River, 208 miles from its starting point.


Five years ago, Johnny Hoogerland crashed into a barbed wire fence in the Tour de France.

Hoogerland was in the breakaway that day and won enough points before the crash to get the King of the Mountain (polka dot) jersey.

Patterns on driftwood created by wood worms

Manufacturers are under the false assumption that people want extra features on their microwave. They don't.


Fucked up situation in Turkey, nice image.

Don't get me started about men being allowed to show their nipples but women can't.

And if you want to know the real difference in men and women, if a man asks a woman to show him her tits and she will slap him. If she asks a man to show her his dick, he will do it immediately. Yeah, it's that simple.


Bless his heart.


One afternoon in 1954 Ann Hodges of Alabama was napping on her couch when a meteorite the size of a software came through the ceiling, bounced off a radio and hit her in the thigh. She escaped with a giant bruise, but the meteorite inflicted much harsher damage in an unexpected way. The Air Force took the meteorite. Hodges and her husband Eugene fought to get it back, but their landlord, Birdie Guy, said the meteorite belonged to her and she sued to get it back. She settled with the Hodges, taking $500 in exchange for the rock.
Today the roof, ceiling, damaged bed, etc, could be sold for a fortune.

You one of those people who think the USA is the greatest country on earth?

We are, of course, the strongest county and in some circles might makes right, but not in my circle.
I want a great nation to set logical policy. Is that too much to ask?


His expression at the end reminds me of the guy who tells you these crazy awesome stories you totally believe until the very end and gives you this smile...me.

When you stop and think about it, picking up things is a pretty big part of human activity.

Something similar is used to pick up pecans.

I've presented this before.

And clearing fields of stones is how you get these.

Runways? Where he's going he doesn't need no damn runways.

Today in an elevator, I got off on my floor, hugged the person next to me & said, "You seem like a lot of fun. We should keep in touch."


What a wonderful thinking point.

Now let's hear from the other side.

God forbade you to try and figure anything out for yourself. Perfect. Just fucking perfect.

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