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Friday, July 29, 2016

FRIDAY #2776

One Of My Very Own…


My boy loves baked beans...


Stephen Colbert sneaking up to the DNC podium

Rio cocaine dealers now using the Olympic logo, plus the warning "don't use near children," which is very thoughtful

They must not have gotten the memo.

So, it's come down to this.

I will gladly sit at the back of the bus or whatever if they will just shut the fuck up.
Wife got this on Facebook...

This one is rather near my house and I can mount without even having to get out of my truck. Because NO ONE PERSON has contacted me after taking my money from this place, the last one contained a very realistic $100 fake bill.

Behold, science...

When Verizon told me I'm using too much of my unlimited data.

Just a reminder...

If they don't let this guy in on the debates, I'm taking to the streets.

2000 animals are eaten over the lifetime of every average American.



I have a thing for old stairs. I think about the anxiety of young parents when their children make their first unassisted descent. I think about the sneaking up and down by young lovers. I even (if the stairs are old enough) think of assassins on their dastardly task.
I like to think about people who had the same desires and fears as you and I, only they are now....dead.
Each of these people below are the protagonist of their own saga, which is their life. Their existence IS existence.

Every time I fly (flew) over a huge suburb like this, I immediately picture the two or three or more individuals inside each of those tiny boxes, and each and every one of them think they are of utmost importance.

(That last image is Ferntree Gully, Victoria)
Every decision they make is based on what is best for them...maybe.
Come to find out, people (even smart people) are not all that smart.

The majority of really smart humans today have decided to have few if any children, leaving the repopulation of the earth to the most horridly stupid people on the planet.
People with IQs of 80 are have double digit offspring and those with IQs of 120 or more are having none or maybe one...not even replacing themselves.
I want you to think very hard of the ultimate outcome of such insanity.


As an art teacher for 20 years, I do not think this is an exaggeration.

Every study I've read indicates that music and art are excellent ways to help children develop a well rounded mind.
I can also attest that EVERY classroom teacher is furious that they must "teach to the test." For you non-teachers, that means all the creativity of the good teachers were stymied, which, of course, is a plan for disaster.

It's always good to find someone with your same hobby.

My wife joined me in my obsession for heart shaped stones very early in our relationship. We have dozens.


I will be the first president who is openly mentally ill...signed...fill in the blank.

Found my next label...

You think anyone ever got a tattoo of their mom telling them not to get a tattoo?


I hear stuff like this all the time from college students who have a very charismatic professor.

This was said to be the very first image of ball lightning...wait for it...

You think it's real? It would sure solve a lot of UFO sightings.

Pay attention to this...it could be a game changer.

And it doesn't burn!

That is really extraordinary.

Does this look like a snowy landscape? It did to me.

Well, those are greenhouses in southern Spain.

And the scale of these things is extraordinary...

The documentary I watched said that almost every time you buy something with a label that says 'Made In Spain', it came from one of those greenhouses. They have a 12 month growing season.

Ever seen anything on the internet about the huge wall built on Mexico's southern border? Well, it's bullshit.

Like big numbers?
We interrupt your previously scheduled silliness; people behaving badly; and political posts to show you an image how beautiful math can be.

That is very, very beautiful.

So, how about this number...

The force required to topple the domino is smaller than the force it generates when it falls. It is this force amplification that can be used to topple bigger dominoes. In fact, the kinetic energy exerted to push that first domino is just 2 billionths of that released by the last one as it comes loudly crashing down.

One of my favorite words by a man with something weird on his foreheads...

There's only two types of people in the world; people who think they have life all figured out, and people who are not morons.


That last one was rather obscure...unless you spend A LOT of time on the internet.

Ruins of a Roman colony in Algeria

God forbid ISIS gets its hands on this.



Get it? Common phrase....food related...


Japan knows how to enslave wild animals...

I bet most braille on public signs says: "How did you know this was here?"


If you think smoking marijuana is evil, please rethink your position unless you've actually sampled this marvelous gift from god.

Machines Doing Machine Stuff

"He must smell my ATV."

Mercedes-Benz F300 Life Jet

Carwash 1; Human 0

The first rule in sculpture class was to never, ever wear loose clothing when using power tools. Once a young woman was using a grinder on an aluminum cast and, of course, the grinder sucked in her shirt. It very quickly climbed toward her throat and only stopped when her panicked spinning wrapped the cord around her body and unplugged it. This whole horror story took about one second.


I'll have some of what she had.

I will also have some of what he had.

I'm going to let this speak for itself...

No, I can't. If you are catholic, is there any other human being you would allow to do that to you child without harming them? Then why do you allow your holy man to do such shit? Because he went to seminary and doesn't fuck women? Seriously?
That man needs therapy.

A repost that shouldn't be allow to die...

It has been far too long since we watched that.

A bunch of white men came up with ways to solve institutional racism, and all without having to listen to even one black person. GREAT JOB!


Choose your side carefully, my friend...

Choose wisely, my friend. You are being judged.

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