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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


Stephen Colbert at Republican National Convention as Flickerman of Hunger Games.

TrumPaula Deen

What Jupiter looks like from the bottom.

Got this from a young kitchen staff.

Many of my new young friends never had a real father to talk to and I'm kind of a surrogate I guess.
Then there is the couple of them who were very close to their grandfathers who are now dead. I gladly fill that hole in their lives.
Yesterday my two gay friends told me they loved me. Never happened before. I was honored. They are wonderful human beings.

Can't wait till the robots turn on us as currently my only regret is that I am statistically most likely to be killed by another human.

An empty 787

You could BOWL in that thing.

I'll let this speak for itself...



What kind of man would even THINK of something like that. Can you image what a modern psychiatrist would deduce from such a proclamation? I mean, why kill the goat? Dayum, dude!

I guess she got tired of shoving her whole phone up her twat.

The Battle for Los Angeles?

LA fireworks on the 4th.
Here's a time lapse still of the same event...


Arsenal in Graz - Austria; 3 300 Armors, 7 800 weapons

Just another place I will never see, but want to.

This thing is beautiful...

It's like the engineer and the design guy worked hand in hand.
Speaking of...

Stand-up comics have lots of jokes...

Here are some of the oldest jokes in the world...or so I'm told...

I began to teach my students to color with crayons and colored pencils with strokes in one direction only, starting in the second grade.

Doing it that way is more artistic, but makes it much harder to stay within the lines, but I told them the little overages made the drawing much more interesting.


In the South that was done to ensure black representation, but it backfired. Sure we have black congressmen now, but the majority are still whites and those whites no longer have to do anything to please black voters because there simply aren't any in their districts.


Back in my day we sat on our asses and played video games.


Syria then and now. I found this very depressing.

"We have to destroy the city to save it."

"They don't pay me enough to deal with your shit..."

He blew his really loud air horn.

And this is why I show you lots of gifs of people acting foolish...




Electric life forms that live on pure energy

Scientists discovered an entirely new type of life right here on earth that may increase our understanding of how life could exist on other planets. They don't require oxygen, or any other gas, and they only eat electrons which they harvest directly from minerals, although they will gladly eat man-made electricity if it's produced in the correct frequency range.
Here's the link to the article in NewScientist mag.

Sulfur, useful as it is, is produced in such vast quantities as a byproduct of energy production that it is of little value.

There's so much of it that Canadian oil company Syncrude's storage site is slowly turning into an enormous pyramid of sulfur.

Feather Star

How a silencer works

Even though helium is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, there’s concern that it may be running dry here on planet Earth.
For the first time ever, researchers have tracked and located a helium gas field. And the discovery, presented Tuesday during the Goldschmidt geochemistry conference in Japan, could help allay fears about a global helium shortage, which could affect such sectors as medicine and manufacturing.


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