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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


12' 10", 809 lb aligator caught from Lake Marion in South Carolina.

This is where Lake Marion is...


My retirement to do list seemed a lot more fun when I was still working.



Can't guarantee these numbers, but it came from a reliable source...the Washington Post?

Movie suggestion: Babel.

An employee demanded a bible be placed in the break room...

So a guy (like me) made his own demand.

If you recognize this child, you will love the costume...

When a man claims to be a woman, he doesn't become a woman, he's just becomes a man claiming to be a woman.


Speaking of...

We do the same thing now, except with green screens and computers...

If you're no longer covered by your parent's health insurance, your manufacturer's warranty is over.


"Why do you grow a beard?" people ask.

You see, I find that an absurd question. I am being asked why I do something when in fact I am NOT doing something. I am not shaving; the most natural thing in the world...no statement, no rebellion. I just refuse to act like the societal "rule" is a real rule.
Further, every man "grows a beard," but I choose not to keep mine a secret.
Thank you for your time.

Waking up and then remembering I don't have to go to work.

Have you ever Googled "cool new rare diseases" before calling in sick?


The internet loves my Gamecocks...

I tried to read the bottle for a clue as to what I'm looking at, but no...anybody?

Hands down the neatest shit you'll see all minute.

"Boy, I wish we had proof of global warming."

A very impressive look at the power of modern nuclear weapons. It will only take a second or two and will be well worth your visit.

Why aren't more architects taking advantage of things like this?

Be forewarned, I will post this every time I come upon a new view...

STILL looking for what a polar orbit of a satellite  would look like.

The yellow stuff is the clitoris.

You're welcome.

When forging a sword, a heat treatment and quench are required to make the blade the correct hardness to bend and not break when used. This gif shows just how extreme a sword can flex during the quench step.

The look on his face...

Artist pointing out the invisibility of poor children...

He's 52, from now on let's just call him John Depp.




Then this guy decides to take an open wheel race car on a public street...

Problem solving: Father level...

She has....boo bees.

Driver used frying pan as replacement steering wheel.

A couple of Suicide Bunnies I can't remember seeing...

Travel site Momondo interviewed 67 people about their feelings about nationality and patriotism.

They then conducted a DNA test to show them just how global the world truly is. Worth the read.


World History in 16 fascinating minutes; a graphic film.

Many words and phrases Shakespeare is credited with coining were already in common usage when he was writing, an Australian academic has claimed.

According to the OED, the earliest example of the phrase is to be found in Romeo and Juliet, which is believed to have had its first performance in 1594 or 1595.
According to Dr McInnis, however, the English poet Gervase Markham published a book about horsemanship in 1593 that uses the phrase "at least six times".

Wormwood Street, London after the IRA had detonated a truck bomb on 24 April, 1993.

Someday, after a lot of investment, hopefully downtown Detroit will start looking that good again.

Indian (Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim) pilots who flew Birmingham built Spitfires during The Battle of Britain

Those Dragon Teeth tank barriers I mentioned the other day...

A canal being drained and cleaned in Venice, Italy, 1956

That is most likely raw sewage.

This kind of makes me sick.

I think it's the same thing as ignoring when small fish are caught, yet cringe when a whale is slaughtered.

At last I found a glass front baptismal I mentioned the other day...

Another trip down memory lane...

One of the perils of "Least Restrictive Environment" policy...

If you read enough tests you can tell the approximate time the tester switched from coffee to alcohol.


Neanderthal woman

The most desperate of arguments...

I know you don't believe that...none of you.
But without the creation myth, your original sin goes out the window and your whole belief system collapses.


Larry said...

The swastika is applied backwards, not the work of a true professional!

Matt Bates said...

Hi again (Jambe here). The blog's still great. How are you?

wrt the bottle demonstration w/the beads: that's really cool. The link on the label points to this website. It's an emulsion of two transparent liquids that are immiscible. A list of substances in the bottle in order of increasing density:

rubbing alcohol
white beads
temporary emulsion of alcohol & salt water
blue beads
salt water

Shaking the bottle makes an emulsion which then slowly separates (like a vinaigrette). While the emulsion exists, its density is between that of the white and blue beads, hence their movement to the top and bottom of the bottle (floating and sinking). As the emulsion separates, alcohol floats to the top, water sinks to the bottom, the white beads sink to the bottom of the alcohol and the blue beads float to the top of the water.

On a slightly-related note, where fresh water flows into salt water one can observe a phenomenon called a halocline, and it's beautiful and eerie. It's usually documented by cave divers since the relatively calm conditions in caves make the junction between the two liquids especially noticeable. See still images of haloclines and part of an Attenborough documentary in which divers observe and swim through a halocline.

on the global warming animated graph: Randall Munroe of XKCD recently put a longer timescale into perspective: http://xkcd.com/1732/

wrt polar orbits: do you want an animation which includes the path of a satellite in polar orbit in an image like the one you posted? I can't find one but it's not hard to imagine. Here's a video of a polar orbit.

Ralph Henry said...

I am thrilled you are still with me.
About the polar orbit - I could see it moving just like a corkscrew as the earth moves, but I haven't seen it in a graphic either.

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