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Friday, October 7, 2016

FRIDAY #2845

One Of My Very Own…


Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

The Beer Can Man

That's the idiot who threw a beer can at the Baltimore outfielder yesterday.
Guy in bottom left - whoa, wasn't me.

If this doesn't load fast enough, check back later...it's a hoot.

I once accidentally drank an entire bottle of vinegar thinking it was a terrible wine.



You think some human had to teach him to do that? If so, why?

He must be watching football on TV...

Why you should never attempt to outrun a bear.

My bartender came up with a drink called the 911. It's a Manhattan served with two Kamikaze shots.


This kid is coming out from under some heavy-duty medication.

I found that hilarious.

Two of my favorite characters...


I'm old. I like things like this.

Speaking of...
I made a mistake the other day when I showed you an army phone with 'Listen' and 'Talk' on each end. I stated that there were probably many new recruits that had never seen such a phone...as is the case with this child below.

But then I got to thinking...who the hell hasn't seen a dozen movies with scenes of people talking on such phones? Did they just forget all those?

China’s Unmanned Space Station Will Be Crashing Into Earth Next Year.

Normally, a decommissioned satellite or space station would be retired by forcing it to burn up in the atmosphere. This type of burn is controlled, and most satellite re-entries are scheduled to burn up over the ocean to avoid endangering people. However, it seems that China’s space agency is not sure exactly when Tiangong-1 will re-enter the atmosphere, which implies that the station has been damaged somehow and China is no longer able to control it.
Just something else to worry about.

I don't get this.


A long time viewer sent me this text exchange herself and her grown son. I thought it hilarious.

Speaking of irony...

Yes, I get preachy sometimes, but if we could all just step back and look at this rationally we would all agree this system sucks.

This guy hit on a great idea and shared it with the world.

Clean a burned pan with no effort
Three simple steps:
1. Add water, dish soap and a dryer sheet to your burnt pan
2. Let it sit for an hour
3. Wipe clean
(well four steps, if you include burning the pan as the first step)
Note: I would recommend Dawn detergent.

Somebody want to explain this sorcery to me?

Problem solving at its best...

Tahitian dance practice - Burning Thigh Torture


This guy converted a pair of ammo boxes into two twin locking storage units for bike, and still keep basket space. Cost about $12.00.

Never put down someone who mispronounces a word; that tells you they learned it from reading.

We have all seen sink holes expand very rapidly...

Very close call...

Why would any sane person think this was a worthwhile endeavor?

This one doesn't really count as retarded.

He's not the blame. The alcohol is the blame.

This is another example of trying just a little too hard to come up with something different...

Like making art out of one dollar bills.

Out runs a ski boat...no brakes to speak of.

Can you spot the ex-soccer player?

And this guy is a pro!

Oh, hell no...

The black toenail is a nice touch. I guess that would make it easier to ID his foot in case things went south.

I'm just going to assume this guy is stone cold drunk.

I KNOW this is a repost, but I have a question about it.

Do you need a key to hit the emergency stop button or could anybody do it?

One of the greatest moments in feminism.

The English language lacks a word to mean "To make a spouse feel uncomfortable by aggressively cleaning the house around them".


The most saved woman in history...

She need not be concerned with the details...


Robin said...

I think the poor little dog just hates snow, and is avoiding contact with it as much as possible.

simon beer said...

Ralph Henry!
It's an emergency stop - think about it.

Anonymous said...

By my best guess, that keyboard Is a 60% leopold (~$250) with datamancer typewriter keycaps (~$100) on cherry mx switches (~$3/switch)

Ralph Henry said...

Well, of course it is.

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