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Sunday, October 2, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


Congress plans bill to allow 9/11 victims to sue foreign states like Saudi Arabia. Obama administration warns of unintended consequences (like creating a precedent opening the USA to similar lawsuits from other nations). Congress ignores advice and passes bill anyway. President Obama vetoes bill. Congress votes overwhelmingly to override presidential veto. Congress suddenly realizes Obama was right and that there are possible unintended consequences, and panics. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell blames Obama for not doing more to stop Congress from being idiots.
Breaking news...

Correction: it was sodomizing, not shaving.

Well, shit...


This is the frog in question.

I know nothing about it, but this is what I'm told.

I have a whole section of an upcoming blog about people being really stupid. I don't want to brag, but it's a hoot. Anyway, I thought about putting this next item in that collection, then thought it too goddamn funny to wait.

On a serious note, Friday night I had a long talk with my great friend, Quincy, about BLM. He's a black swat team member. I will have more to say on that at a later date.


Alcohol verses marijuana...

Jackie Chan breaks 12 cement blocks while holding an egg.

No explanation of why he would do such a thing.

And, look, he appears so smug.

How to positively, absolutely know you have too much time on your hands...no pun intended...

"I see your sister has emerged from her shy stage."

That face is too dead on not to be from experience.

That is actually very clever.

Did you notice he had also peed himself. What a fucking loser.

This is called the direct approach...

This is terrifying...

You had one job...

My guess is, the guy that was the job of the guy who peed himself.


I'm going to tell you something that I may one day regret. I attended a gathering of my wife's extended family last Friday night, and my wife was the skinniest woman in the room. Think about that a moment. Old, middle-aged, and young...none of them clocked in below 250. It was a sight to behold.
I was so proud I bought my wife a box of donuts for breakfast.

Can you image if people just told other people their fetishes, in detail? 
"Hi, Bill, how was your weekend?"
"My wife and I have moved on to infant bondage and, man, it is great!"

Your girlfriend face plants on a brick sidewalk...quick...what do you do?

That a picture, of course.

I don't really understand this one, but the face-face blood-blood thing works for me.

Okay, I can now fantasize about ANOTHER fetish...

What do you think is going through his mind?

He's getting a hard-on and what's the first thing she can think to do?

If you don't understand it, it's okay...

As a foot lover, this freaks me the fuck out...

It reads "Director of sleep lab at Laval University, Qué, Can." Now go back and look at her again.

I know this is silly...

But all I can think about is the great Mandingo party she could have.

Okay, I wouldn't bet money on it, but this is supposed to be legit. What say you?

I didn't think so, but that last one is extraordinary.

Another mosque pit...

Welcome to the public beach...

My wife to me at her family reunion: "If anyone asks, we met at a bible study."

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