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Monday, October 3, 2016

MONDAY #2841

One Of My Very Own…


Alice's Restaurant - Original 1967 Recording

One of Rosetta's final images of comet 67P

That is some tight ass shit.

It is considered bad form to criticize the appearance of Hillary because she is a woman. But Trump, being a man, is fair game. Consider numerous jokes about his hair, orange skin, small hands and puffy eyes.
I say Hillary Clinton looks just like everyone's fat ass third grade frumpy bitch-mood teacher...the one everybody hated.

Guy behind me in line at the gas station was standing close enough to reenact the pottery scene from Ghost.

As a woodworker here are a couple of clips that make me wet...

If I were Spock, I would spend 24 hours a day saying things like "Get out of my Vulcan face," and "Are you Vulcan kidding me?"

Yes, men consider firing weapons as play. It's true.

GM6 Lynx. A .50 BMG Bullpup rifle.

Men consider boredom a deadly disease and will come up with something...anything...to make it go away.

A man will spend thousands of hours making something work, even if in the eyes of others it need not be done...

I will bet money that this hamster is a male.

Do you still need a criminal record to get into Australia?

This happened...

This is the comment about it left by a young black man...

Apparently, young women in Texas used dildos to protest guns.

Supergirl and Powergirl got married!

Lovely couple.

Nipples turn you on?

Not so fast, perv...

Just so you know, you don't have to be a waiter in order to go in a restaurant and wander from table to table asking people, "How's everything?"

There's no crying in the Olympics!!

Maybe she's from North Korea and knows what that shot just cost her...and her family.

What is today but yesterday's tomorrow.


No one gets between a Mamma and her Babies.

You would think he would know that already.

Can't remember if I've shown you the whole procedure for making these.

States ranked according to beauty.
Last place...

And the winner is...

My home state of South Carolina was 33rd.


Thank you, baby Jesus for helping my favorite sports team instead of saving people from a tsunami. You must really love football.


This cartoony character is considered the most accurate model of a real dinosaur ever created. Paleoartist Bob Nicholls based his reconstruction of Psittacosaurus on an incredibly well-preserved fossil from China.

Well worth the read...

My wife makes me set the alarm for 3 hours after we go to sleep so I can check to see if one of her feet are out from under the covers.


A TV show stenciled "I SLEPT HERE" in invisible fluorescent paint on the sheets of 9 swank hotels in NYC. After checking back in under a different name the next night, they inspected the sheets with a blacklight - three of the nine didn't change the sheets.

Is the S or the C silent in Scent?


People who have the advantage will always be against change.

1921: Snow in Jerusalem

That's where the Jews tuck their written prayers when telepathic communication with their god just doesn't cut it.


That's something you don't see every damn day.

8 week old German Shepard puppy finding target odor (heroin)

How clever.

This pilot was training in combat tactics (BFM for you zoomies out there) and lost consciousness during a 9G turn at 17,000 ft. As his F-16 hurtles toward the ground, you can hear his instructor and wingman in another jet yelling into the radio for him to recover, but he can't hear, can't see, can't think.

At 10,000 feet you see the arrows start to come in from the side of the display. This is the "Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System" (auto-GCAS) telling the pilot that it's about to take control of the aircraft to prevent his demise. At 9,000 feet you see auto-GCAS seize control of the aircraft from the unconscious pilot, and initiate a recovery maneuver, leveling the aircraft off at 5,000 feet above sea level (a mere 3,000 feet from the ground).

Made of dog tags.

Powerful that.

The Navy commissioned an Independence-class Littoral Combat Ship - they patrol shallow water - and to test the ship, they set off multiple 10,000 pound bombs next to it.

B4 - Miss.

Guy retired from the Marines. This is his departure axe.

If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you are the asshole.


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