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Thursday, October 20, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


Finally got my pics developed from my trip to the mountains.
Here is my beautiful wife on that magnificent covered deck.

Here is a steel guitar my friend made with stuff found around the house...

And here is my friend's girlfriend and her trapeze thingy...


You know a fun thing to do? Stand up in the middle of a crowded restaurant and shout, "Did anyone leave something on top of their car?"

Computers can be used to generate some pretty cool images...

And even though I am...up in years...

I really appreciate the effort and cleverness that is required.

The downside is that I hardly believe anything I see online.

Said to be a circle rainbow from an airplane.
Is that true or just computer manipulation? I have no idea, and I'll be damn if I'm going to spend my very limited time looking it up.

Magician completely broke this kid.

He then went on becoming governor of New Jersey.

The resemblance is remarkable.

Flipping bottles is a thing now. Here are two masters.

So much stuff in the news today. Demonstrating that electrons act as both particles and waves is not new. Here's a short link to bring you up to speed: https://youtu.be/DfPeprQ7oGc

And now I'm told that atoms aren't circular, but oval. I also read that for the first time we have learned that atoms don't move while we observe them...or something. Send help.

Japanese Teacher Stunning Chalkboard Art

This is as good a time as any to bring this up...although I am hesitant.
My precious great nephew was very proud of his art portfolio. He showed me each picture and I encouraged him with all my skill.
But....I hate that word...most of the work was direct copies of the work of masters done with as much skill as he could muster. There were waterlilies, Japanese waves, Dali's, etc, etc. He could name each and every artist...which is admirable. I, however, only taught art history in a brief introduction to a lesson, then I would say something like: Would you like to learn the skills that the artist needed to make that? Of course they did, then I would teach perspective, atmospheric perspective, the proportions of the face, etc.
I'm not saying my method is right, but I didn't want to become an artist because I could name a lot of artists.


I loved all of those, by the way.

Overheard: "Why is that guy listening to our conversation?"


From Where Will The Greatest Threat Appear?

A. The Road
B. The Fence
C. The Trees
D. That Innocent Looking White Post In The Foreground

The expression my wife has every time she watches me do anything with a kitchen appliance...

I think this is a repost, but I just can't remember anymore...

And for a minute I thought it was walking up under a small waterfall.

Dolphins seeing themselves in a two way mirror for the first time.

Say what you will, but I call that self awareness.

B. The Fence

No, I think hide poachers took what they wanted and threw the head overboard.


I feel sorry for people who jump onto every fad that comes along. Look, guys, we have made it for millions of years eating whatever the fuck we wanted. But don't get me wrong, I think the real danger is in the drugs we give our cows, pigs and chicken. We haven't had time to assess their impact.

Actually this first one isn't bad at all...

Just remember, Queen Elizabeth, Mother Teresa, and Barbara Walters all diddled their naught bit from time to time.

Watch this just once and afterwards see what you missed.

You know it's serious when some dude takes out his raccoon.
But seriously, that is like no fight I have ever witnessed. My guess is that none of them have ever been in a fight before...or apparently witnessed one.
Those people are not normal combatants.


Then you round the corner.

It must be killing England not to be able to make fun of our dumbasses because their dumbasses did Brexit.


And the act of saying "You offended me" means absolutely nothing and added nothing to the discussion. I think that by proclaiming yourself offended is supposed to automatically declare yourself as the person on the higher moral ground...correct, if you will. Well, it does not mean that to me. Proclaiming something and being something are two entirely different things.

That is some heavy-duty shit.
Here are some of the comments left on the site where I found it:
"Yes. You end up over-apologizing which is confusing for people who don't know you're in or recovering from an abusive relationship."
"I'm having a really hard dating because of this my ex was abusive and now I'm the freak that's always asking 'Are you mad at me?'"

This is what I call the Park Anywhere button.

I'm so lazy, I'll only walk my fingers through my wife's hair.


Did you notice that it is a U-Haul guy teaching that? Clever man.
I have seen this very thing twice: Once resulted in an accident right in front of me. The other happened to me, and I was taught that when you lose control of your trailer you must...MUST SPEED UP. That pulls the trailer back in line. Luckily I was driving a HD2500 Chevy pickup with enough power to deal with it.

This is a deck a friend of mine built. It is far, far more difficult than it looks.

My father-in-law died recently. He lived in a normal house on a normal street.

Instead of messing around for months or even years with conventional real estate sales, the heirs sold it to a flipper...as is.
The flipper came in with his crew and in a couple of months had it ready to sell. That used to be a normal kitchen. There were two walls running along where the edges of that island are now.

And not only those walls, the flipper removed EVERY wall on that level.

The transformation is remarkable.

A repost that still thrills me...

Imagine being able to keep your barrel aimed directly on target while charging across the battlefield.

CANADIAN: Let's watch a movie.
AMERICAN: Have you seen Titanic?
CANADIAN: What's that about?
AMERICAN: Yes, it was. A huge one that sank.


There are so many cutsy words that have no meaning. A sacrifice to god? I thought he only like cooked he goats...just like we do.

I re-watched the movie 2012; an end of the world scenario where they have modern large boats to save mankind. They fell for the same stupid logic as the bible and had two of ever animal on one of the ships. But two animals can't do shit. We all know the effect of inbreeding. But let's just suppose it were possible. Then we could just bring a mating couple of two white rhinos to a huge farm in Arizona and let them replenish the species. Now you see how silly that is.

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