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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


If I may speak frankly, if anywhere in America whites were killing whites at the rate blacks are killing blacks in the inner city, they would have sent in the National Guard and declared Marshal Law years ago. Why do we allow this to continue? Cause nobody gives a fuck about black people who contribute nothing to society.
I posted this a year ago and didn't include the source. I stand corrected.

This is funny if it wasn't so terrifying.

This from a viewer from South Africa:
"This is the crap we have to put up over here. I'm tired, I want out.

This from another viewer:

"Students at UCT (University of Cape Town) are advocating for the removal of science as a degree due to science being a colonial subject. Amidst the student protests happening in South Africa, a UCT student is giving us a glimpse into the mind of the protesters and perhaps what their true understanding of the situation is. I am not one to judge and I empathize with some of the demands that the students have. However my university has been shut down  for over a month by people that obviously have a very "delicate" grasp on how the real world works."

At this point, I'm pretty sure the main reason Donald Trump ran for president was to get more Twitter followers.

When you look through rose colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.


Interesting how that one wire falls right within the yellow ban.
Speaking of birds...

Everybody wants to get laid.

Artur Bordalo a Portuguese artist makes works of art from trash.

Well, in Europe they might call it trash.

I America we call it "found objects."

I like the way he uses underlaid and overlaid paint.

This is a map of outbreaks of preventable diseases. This is why you fookin' vaccinate. And you vaccinate when your doctor recommends it. Not when you feel like it. There is motherfucking science behind this shit. Not your shitty uneducated opinion.

This asshole has released a "documentary" backing up his fraudulent research to fuck over more kids. No I"m not linking to it, but it was released earlier this year and is misleading even more people who don't know how to do basic research on the internet.

That fucker could end up more infamous than Mengele.

Ever wonder what Hyperdontia looked like under xray?

Me neither.

Read this carefully...

He should have died the selfish little prick not dying and sapping his parents life savings.

You know how when they save kittens or puppies there's always someone (like me) who wants them to help humans instead. Well, here they are.

But he doesn't seem all that pleased with the outcome. My guess is that he knows his clean-cut appearance will undermine his begging efforts.

I will wager that that bag holds just enough not to exceed its lift off limit.

"Do not iron" Like that was ever going to happen.

Just for laughs...

"Did you meet your boyfriend for lunch?"
"How did you know?"
"It's written all over your face."

Fun With Language...

You want to end up dead? Cause that's how you end up dead.

When my grandfather died I inherited his belt and it looked just like this.

Y'all might want to write that shit down in case there is a quiz.

Gun Advice From A Master

This guy survives Grizzly bear attack in Montana.

"I just survived a bear attack! Quick, what do I do?" Take a selfie, of course.

This is how I feel sometimes.

There is a website that states it perfectly: I comb the internet so you won't have to.
And by the way, if you want to use One Of My Very Own or anything else I've made fro Folio Olio, go right ahead. I don't need my dick sucked.

This is what's left of Tokyo after an incendiary bombing run in 1945.

By the way, fire killed far more of the Japanese than a couple of small A-bombs.

Morris Island, South Carolina. The shattered muzzle of a 300-pounder Parrott Rifle after it had burst, July, 1863.

A Japanese soldier stands guard over part of the captured Great Wall of China.

I'm sorry, but that is not the wartime flag of the Rising Sun. Is someone fucking with us?

A U.S. army soldier with a sub-machine gun and another in a jeep guard the looming S. S. Partos which was damaged and had capsized against the dock when the Allies landed at the North African port, in 1942.

What an unusual image.

Bren gun carrier used by Australian light horse troops in Northern Africa.

I want one.

These two photographs tell a little story if you look closely.

Had it been me I wouldn't have put the red circle to make the search easier.

Recognize the guy with the white nose?

He played a bad guy...a real bad guy in a movie not worth mentioning.

Sam Harris puts the field of Artificial Intelligence into perspective in a way that everyone can grasp.

In my opinion, this is one of the best and most important talks on TED so far and I super-strongly recommend you look it up and watch it. I mistakenly deleted the link. Sorry.

Religious Humor: The Final Frontier

Something I never thought about...

I found that hilarious.

Not sure if it's an Indian wedding or tryouts for Disney's Hercules: The Musical.

This is one of the saddest clips I've seen on the internet. Make sure you look at both expressions.

What the hell is the bride's father doing all this time? Had it been me and mine, he would have had that cake so far up his ass...
And we all know what kind of life she can look forward to. Kind of reminds me of this...

A mere golf ball lifts this multi-ton monster off the ground...

When Tetris turns on you...

Here's the link for the game:

This won't be used for anything weird. No, of course not.

Today's rain is tomorrow's beer.

It might take a while for this to....sink in.

Sink. In.
Guy does this all over as a prank.

Woman scares off crocodile with a flip flop.

I bet that woman's husband didn't slap her arm on their wedding day.

A repost...

I had never noticed that the guy went through one shelf and bounced off another a good 15' away.

Why is Miss Universe always from Earth?


And now for Folio Olio's next episode of...

Go ahead and disprove that.

Made fat with fatness....? Where were their editors?

All religions are inventions of simple people to explain the unexplainable...except yours. Yours is the real deal. Please.

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Anonymous said...

I was perusing one of your old posts from back in 2011 and saw this:

"More interesting...the E. coli that has killed dozens in Europe lately is a complete new animal, with no DNA match from all other E. coli.....just another thing to worry about."

That made me wonder: if it has no DNA match at all with other E. coli, then why don't they just give it a different name?

Just an odd offhand thought. Keep up the good work.

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