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Friday, November 18, 2016

FRIDAY #2888

One Of My Very Own…

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What an unusual image.

There may have been a man with a toenail on the end of his penis.


They have come up with undies to match just about every skin color.

What a time to be alive.

I'm loathe to post Halloween costumes at this late date, but this one is a winner.

I'm fascinated by the fact that some cultures have no sound that other cultures use in their language. Case in point, the F sound.

Can we assume also the R sound?


*my wife's casket slowly begins lowering into the ground*
Her, knocking from inside: "Wait, I have to pee."


If you call a tail a leg, how man legs does a dog have? Well, the answer is four. Calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.


Met a guy who said he had two gay dads. I told him that's great, because it would be really weird if only one of them was gay.


Fuck carefully, my friends. Fuck carefully.

Woman leaning out the window KNOWING there are beasts like this afoot...

"I ain't your ma, boy, I'm your uncle, so you better back the off."

Reminds me of the ultra-slim percentage of those beasts that survive until adulthood.

Crossword Clue: Follow the party line
A: Conga

You know how I feel about maps...

The internet can be so cruel...


Did some research concerning if any dinosaurs had backward knees like birds. There are none.

That leaves some to think that birds did not develop from dinosaurs.

Curiosity Rover finds and examines a meteorite on Mars. Wow!

This is supposed to be true...

E-Cigarette explodes in a guys pocket.

Well, technically, the battery exploded.

Of course they did.

The James Webb Space Telescope...in two years.

Ain't life great!

Got a flu shot last week. No autism yet.

In case you were feeling just a little too good about yourself...

I'm not sure where this came from, but I found it an odd image...

Yes, I have been thinking more about these...

This is what you can do when you have a lot of free time on your hands. Seriously. It could take years to cut a stone like that.

So, let's assume that they did not possess some super technology or aliens to help, then it just required a whole bunch of elbow grease and time.

(old on bottom/new on top)

What if each family was required to bang out a stone to fit for every child it produced? I'm thinking you would have to add an abrasive between the stones and scrape it back and forth on site, in place. Even a 2 ton stone could be nudged back and forth with a hanging log to act like a battering rams on both sides.


My problem is that our soldiers are sacrificed for greed and just called "something greater than yourself." One of the worse things to happen to this country was taking the war making decision out of the hands of the congress and putting it in the hands of the president. I would go even farther. I would have it put on a ballot and let you and I decide whether the sacrifice of our children was worth the cause for combat.


I don't know what that means. I just thought it a cool ass headline.

I sometimes think the Angel on my shoulder is on strike and the devil invited his cousin over for a play date. (Clever phrasing.)

I usually don't read things like this. I'm not much into rules. But this one is pure Vonnegut.

#5 was my favorite.

One of my proudest moments was convincing my boss that I was using beer flavored toothpaste.


I'm thinking this is a prank played on the new guy. The "Here use this bucket and clean out the hangar" gag.

Probably testing the fire suppression foam dispensers in a hangar, so if one multi-million plane catches on fire and you would prefer that none of the other planes do the same.

When young I played the game Operation and dreamed about the day I could illegally harvest vital organs.


If you take comfort in the fact that so many people believe in an invisible entity in the sky, I would like to remind you that it is all too easy to get people to believe just about anything.

There is a simple survival skill that we normal people apply; if you can't prove it then it is not true.
Point #2 of how easy it is to convince people to believe total bullshit...

So, you want me to prove something is not true? That's not really how the rule works, but here goes anyway...

You can read books about science and history to help get your mind back down her in reality, or you can keep reading things like this.


Anonymous said...

That's not a knee. That's an ankle. Birds have knees that point forward.



Ralph Henry said...

Thank you, Grape. I'm very fortunate to have smart friends.

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