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Thursday, November 17, 2016


One Of My Very Own…

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Trump has made some modifications...


Remember Reginald Denny.


Yeah, well, they are owned by like two people.

One last thank you to Obama

A huge fish kill happened this morning on Long Island NY. Thousands and thousands of bunker(bait fish) starving for oxygen. The larger fish (e.g. Striped bass and blue fish) chase them into a small dead end area and the bait fish will slowly start using up all the oxygen in the water suffocating themselves. They believe the super moon the previous evening sent the lager fish into a feeding frenzy and that is believed to be the cause of the massive fish kill.


Japan fixes vast Fukuoka city sinkhole – in two days. Let that sink in for a moment.



So, if you were a citizen of a European country, say France, and you had a very large immigrant community of Muslims and they had no intensions of assimilating and from time to time went insane and decided to stab, shoot and blow up the citizens of your host country; what would you do if you were in charge?
Oh, don't tell me most of them are safe...we know most of those phones that blow up don't actually blow up, but we don't want to put them in our pockets anymore. We know that most roadside taco venders do not give you the shits for a week, but we don't eat at them. So don't pull the numbers game. The truth is that the Muslims have produced some vicious motherfuckers...so heinous that their deeds taint the entire community. So, the question remains; if you were the president, what would you do? And remember, the safety of your citizens is you first, primary responsibility.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

We never wash our belts, but they are the first thing we touch after wiping our butts.

Locksmith locked his keys and tools in his truck.

Back at the office he won't live that down for a year.

I wonder how many women will get this...

If you drive along this Swiss main road, you’ll pass right through a shooting range with bullets whizzing over your head.

How long will it take you to discern what is unusual about this?

Did you notice those are camera drones they are working on? The drone company forgets to delete test footage off of camera memory card.

"And then she kissed the frog and saw him turn into a prince, because kissing frogs makes you hallucinate."
   -me to my small daughters


Carbon Nanotube Muscle is so light it floats.
Yeah, but can it hold a space elevator?

And one tree can power a house with very little wind...as low as 4kph...in any direction, of course.


Skull Gravestone encrusted in Moss.

This is how we feed the world.

But goodbye Ogalala Aquifer.

Could you please put your crying kid on vibrate?

Headline: Man in a motorcycle accident records his final goodbye.

PLOT TWIST: He is found 30 hours later. He will recover. He had 2 punctured lungs, 17 fractures in 12 of his ribs, and a few hairline fractures in his spine. (he just thought he was dying.)

Country boys' hot wheels...

Ladies, this is what men do in a crowded restroom when they finish...

Meanwhile in Texas...

Speaking of guns..

That is exactly how normal people like you and I get shot in the head. By the by, if you ever find yourself in a position where you are holding a man at bay with a pistol, never get that close to him...NEVER.

Watch the man in the pink shirt...

No amount of training can prepare you for how angry we all get at the way people park and change lanes in the real word.

On my roadtrips I find myself thinking about the life that was once old buildings...

Building that housed businesses that put sons and daughters through college.

Businesses where there may have been an attempted robbery and someone ended up dead.

Many times I think about all the love affairs that took place in motels. Some of them my own.

"And the guy's name was Anthony WEINER? Come on" - high school AP U.S. history student, 2046.


From the internet:

(and remember I taught the kid on the right for five years)

Polish football fans enjoying their favorite sport

Remember when I told you about the soccer game that was played in an empty stadium? That's why.

I will never hear anything like that without thinking about my prolonged explanation to my Scottish friend about a young Irish girls I met and what we talked about, then I asked him "So, do the Scottish hate the English as much as the Irish do?" And all he said was, "Yes."
And I suppose that was enough.

I wouldn't swear that the numbers are correct, but this is an international disgrace.


"30 sows and." How very understandable.

Requests for Mariah Carey's - All I Want For Christmas Is You.

(I found that very funny!)

What an image...

And we owe our whole existence to that one thin blue line...among other things.

I was led to believe that this are not old...

The design might be old, but the case itself is not.

If it holds a 15' computer, I WANT ONE!
I've had a thing about leather my whole life...

In my view there is something primal in used leather.

There are thousands of movies about falling in love, but only one about swapping faces with John Travolta.

The more you look around the funnier it gets!

By the way, I've been told Hula Hoop is hot right now.

If our children don't learn cursive, how will they ever be able to read those inspirational tattoos people put on their ribs?


Mispronouncing French phrases can be a real social fox piss.

A repost...

Now that's heavy metal!

It concerns me as a parent that damn near every Disney movie shows kids if your parents die you'll become royalty and have a great life.


Please don't discount that just because it has that silly mask on it. The statement is very, very true.

And no matter how you feel about the government getting involved in your health care, it should concern you that they can force you to buy insurance.


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