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Monday, November 14, 2016

MONDAY #2884

One Of My Very Own…


Crash the economy and then condescendingly ask why so many of them are still living with their parents.

(or at least I hope they are both interesting and facts)

You may think you are a badass, but when your daughter says you are the horsey then you're the goddamn horsey.


How true.

I think we really do need to think more about this.

That's fucking terrifying.

To be honest, I have never met a person who wanted to keep marijuana illegal.

It may just be the people I hang out with, or it could be I hang out with smart people. I can't imagine anybody like me, who lived through the 60s and 70s being against it.

Nice observation, but there are hundreds of issues with the illogic of zombies other than their pants. Like all those that fall five stories off a hotel balcony and still managed to walk away with pulverized leg bones.


Today my wife wore a nice dark shade of exhaustion under her eyes.

It's a saw blade, for traction I assume.

Did you notice he switched hands and sides?

This is a rig that fits on a regular ladder.

It makes lumber out of logs.

I wish I was young enough to do that.

Said to be the most efficient way to cut firewood.

But why wouldn't he take smaller whacks on the trimmed piece on the right?

Speaking of wooden things that makes my dick get hard...

I've never seen anything quite like this before...

I like it very much. Do you think that is some kind of clever reuse or can you buy them like that?

How to keep your beer orders straight...

No explanation for this, but it looks badass as hell...

There must be a reason other than mere power for two of them. Anybody?

Instead of burning wood for heat, some Europeans now build a compost pile over plastic water lines that extract heat from the decomposing plant material. Temperatures can get as high as 149 degrees.

With a circulating pump as the only moving part, the compost heater lasts an average of 12 to 16 mos. – and occasionally up to 24 mos. – providing heat and up to 80 percent of the hot water for a 1,500 sq. ft. home.
That is a great idea! They had compost bins all over the small German town where I lived, and they steamed even in the winter.

I would live on this porch.

"As fuck" is my favorite unit of measurement.



Nihilism? No. Just realism. But did you catch her final smile?

And my favorite...

Some times I think about my wife dying and my last words to her, which would probably be something like "I have to take a shit. Leave me alone."


That thing stands up like I do.

Pregnant dog x-rays looks kinda creepy.

Reminds be of the movie "Alien".

I like to stand next to a stranger on the elevator and whisper, "I read what you said on the internet."

How nice.

Another "Before OSHA" images...

I'll just let this one speak for itself...

Pandas are proof that you can get fat from just eating salad.

Word on the street...


Photographer James Loveridge captures fog rolling off the white cliffs of Dover.

In the Phrygian Valley of Turkey, in the west central part of Anatolia, are numerous so called “cart tracks” that crisscross the landscape. These tracks are cut into the bedrock and are evenly spaced, as if made by the wheels of a cart or a vehicle, but much deeper than typical cart ruts.

The deepest ruts are three feet deep. The lack of precise dating has led some people to believe that these tracks are petrified ruts made millions of years ago by an ancient alien civilization driving heavy vehicles over the terrain that was still covered with volcanic ashes. Over the centuries, the tuffaceous deposits solidified into hard rock preserving the ruts, the same way dinosaur footprints are preserved in rocks.
(My money is on it being scarring from passing glaciers, which show up all over the world.)


Said to be a Soviet nuclear torpedo test (1955)

Is it really a torpedo? I don't know, but it would take out an entire fleet. Much like the air to air nuke missiles that would take out an entire squadron with one shot.

Started out being strictly a tank buster, but then morphed into an excellent ground support plane.

Today's most modern tanks.

I wonder how long it will take Russia to catch up?

The Israelis are the only ones with as big a tank as the US.

Notice the pieces of chains hanging down at the back of the Israeli turret. One of the only American tank to be taken out of action in Baghdad was hit exactly between the rear of the turret and the body of the tank. I am going to go ahead and assume that those bits of chain will set off a warhead before it can do any damage.

I don't know what this is, but I want one.

Although it looks a little top heavy, thus easily turned over.

I like to see how this guy glances back to see if he killed any of his friends.

You think he shoots down instead of up so no one is hurt when the bullet returns to earth?


There are many justified reasons to protest. Women getting the right to vote was one of them.

Okay, I do not believe that it is as simple as that. I like very much that a black man can eat and sleep anywhere he can afford.
I am, however, very concerned that the federal government used, of all things, the interstate commerce amendment in order to seize the authority to force people to serve everyone. Would someone please tell me what a bar in Irmo, SC has to do with interstate commerce.


You Social Justice Warriors don't like somebody wearing a hairstyle normally associated by your ethnic group? Well, there are those who don't want you in their restaurant because since its founding it was always associated by their ethnic group. And not to put too fine an edge on it, does that mean that only the French can eat French food or only white people can have blond hair?

Everybody thinks Australians are laid back until one of them is standing over you with a chainsaw asking you to pronounce Aluminum correctly.


Mark my words, the total lack of logic and reason that is its bedrock, will lead more and more people to abandon religion. I give it two generations before you god, Jesus, Allah, etc takes their place right along side Zeus, Odin, and Athena. And the internet is an excellent tool to point out stupidity.

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Anonymous said...

Those stools look like old tractor seats. You see stuff like that a lot out here in the west.

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