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Tuesday, November 15, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


hallelujah choir choir choir leonard cohen

Do y'all remember how gracious the conservatives were when they lost the last election?

But I don't remember them block an interstate highway.

Irony: People waving Confederate flags telling others "You lost. Get over it."
People waving Mexican flags yelling Trump is not my president.

New Zealand earthquake...

It occurred to me that I could have just shown some stock images of any earthquake since they all more or less look the same.
Did manage to find something unique, though...

Those are three cows stranded when the earth collapsed around them.
Found out about these...

I'm a Good Doctor...

*me in bed, trying to find a cold spot*
Ahhhh, there it is...
Wife: Get off of me!!


Remember when I used to post all those images that begged for a short story to be written? Well, that is another one.

Wire face...

And lastly, this is made of clay...


Trigger warning ⚠
This shit has got to stop.

Basing your ideals of beauty on 
airbrushed pictures of surgically altered models in a cheap magazine is harmful. Yet mothers buying them for their children; beginning early the brain washing of all the things expected of young women - all presented by the people who are selling the very items that will help you achieve that beauty.

Seriously, if we could start over, do you think any society would invent high heels for women? If we started from zero, do you think every dress designer in the world would just forget to put pockets in their creations? Would the new society demand of women that they remove every hair below the neck? Or that they buy four or five liquids to mask the smell of her own body?
Put on your big girl panties, ladies, the is the big league where stupid people are left behind.

Something I didn't know...


I'm thinking this is a code "improvement" after construction had ended.

No word on this one...

Okay, barstool/tractor seat guy, what's going on here?
And here?

My wife is not fat. She's famine resistant.


I think most miserable adults are miserable because they try to do too much. Relax, y'all. You're going to die anyway.


Oh, I've probably posted this before, but I am still awed.

You think he built an oval form to work around, then removed it, like the ice guy that did something similar?

What must ancients have thought when they found something like this? I read that the belief in dragons may have started with the discovery of dinosaur fossils by ancient humans.

This may be old hat, but I've never seen it.

Scott, Jim, these next two are for you.


This, of course, reminded me of a story.

My friend built a room by enclosing his carport, then told me he had to fire the brick layer he hired because he was too slow and drank on the job. He then said he was finishing it himself. I asked where he learned to lay brick and he said, "Oh, I just figured it out myself." I demanded to see his handiwork and it looked very similar to the image above. I told him he was going to have stucco over the whole thing if he ever wanted to sell his house. He said, "Oh, it's not that bad." I said, "Oh, yes, it is that bad."


The now lost "From Hell" letter posted in 1888, along with half a human kidney, by a person claiming to be Jack the Ripper.


During his travels this guy took lots of pictures similar to this...

Usually the red circles are added to point out something mysterious in the background. But not this guy...

I'd like to have a sake with that guy.

I bet we'd have to say 'The steaks are pretty high' if a herd of cows ever got into a field of marijuana.


I wonder how many people even know why that last one is funny.

This sort of speaks of the earth being tied to clear water.

Speaking of trees...


I can't stop imagining how the whole scenario of the first person to pee on a jellyfish sting went down.


I'm thinking Russia.

No need for a tail rotor.


I once had a 8am speed reading class. That's true, but more importantly, I passed.


Speaking of...

I watched a documentary of a US pilot being held in the Hanoi Hilton. To take his mind off the torture, he designed a house entirely in his mind. He would add board after board until it was complete, then he would mentally dismantle it and make changes. The illustration above is exactly what the man described.

And he later built the house...of his dreams...literally.
I wonder if he had dreams of dismantling it every fucking night of his life?


Duck saves the day.

Suggestion for my nephew: Why don't you put some ducks and/or geese on your pond?

1st Thought: What a great nature photo.

2nd Thought: What stupid bastard took the photo?

This is the "Jacuzzi of Despair", a large Methane/ Hydrogen Sulphide brine-pool under the Ocean. It is highly toxic to many forms of life. If you look closely you can see a dead Crab. This Crab is in the process of being embalmed by the chemicals.

Maybe installing Freudian Autocorrect was not the breast idea.


Societies that had (have) common child forced marriages invented gods who accepts such behavior - Islam. Societies who owned slaves invent gods that condone slavery - Christianity. Societies who lived near deadly volcanoes invented Volcano Gods. She how that works?
That alone should send up red flags, but the ultimate problematic area is religions' necessity to shun science, since they are mutually self exclusive.

I call this grasping at straws...

A building made up of thousands of crossed beams falls down and one of the crossed beams survives. 

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