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Saturday, November 12, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


Legendary Poet, Songwriter, and Performer Leonard Cohen is dead.

27 years ago today the whole world celebrated the falling of the Berlin Wall, 1989.


This is what he says he wants to do:

Why the electoral college works.
Because if Trump won 48 states by a slim margin and Clinton won California or/and New York by an ever so slightly higher margin...she would be the president of the United States.
And that's not how the this country works. Each state is its own community with its own needs and should have a voice in the election process.
Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a very slim margin but the majority of her votes came from New York and California where she accumulated millions more votes practically by default.
It's wholly un-American to remove a system for the sole purpose to disenfranchise the rest of the country and the electoral college will never go away...I hope.

But with this fact it hardly matters...

I could be wrong about the electoral college. Check out this really short film.

This is a long post, but very little, if any, comments. I needed a day off.


Wait for it...

Let's not forget that there was a time when Butt plugs were sold as a ‘miracle cure’ for headaches and acne.

Oh, my.

My wife cleaned out the top of her closet.

And that is exactly what I taught my children to call them.

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