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Friday, December 9, 2016

FRIDAY #2909

One Of My Very Own...

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A couple of days late, but it's the thought that counts...
Battleships at Pearl Harbor

Subtle, that.

President Barack Obama firing a Browning M2HB .50 BMG (December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. colorized.)


“What really bothers me is that the people of NSA, these folks who take paltry government salaries to protect this nation, are made to look like they are doing something wrong,” former NSA Director Keith Alexander said Tuesday. “They are doing exactly what our nation has asked them to do to protect us. They are the heroes. They are the ones that deserve our praise. Not a guy who took this race to Hong Kong and to Moscow.”

Well, maybe.

Great crossword clue: Join the party line.
_ _ _ _ _
I would bet money you don't get it. Hints soon.

This is the route I took to get to school every morning.

I have mentioned being shot in the eye with a BB gun several times. Well, this is the result of being so foolish...

Most people think that the bottom black part is where it hit me, but in fact my pupil was separated by scare tissue. Yes, I have two fully functional pupils, but instead of seeing twice as good, I see half as good. Go fucking figure.

HINT: Join the party line: _ _ _ _ a


That reminds me, it's Taco Tuesday.

HINT #2: Join the party line: C _ _ _a

Join the party line: Conga
Look at these children...

Especially the one in the middle third row.

I wonder how we Americans would handle the stress of having to do this a couple of times a day.

Then coming up hours later to see if we still had a house...or a store...or a school...or a hospital.

This looks as if one man is making a plea for peace...

It is in fact a troop releasing a messaging pigeon.

2016 in a nutshell.

For when you really want to make a point.

Speaking of guns...

My favorite is a movie where a whole army of men are shooting at the exact same alien and each one of them is shooting in a slightly different direction.


Latest sport to enter 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Her name is Margaret Hamilton.

Margaret Hamilton began her career in as a computer programmer for MIT in the 1960s. She was on the team that coded software for the Apollo 11 while at MIT and a mother, so she would bring her daughter in on nights & weekends.

She became the director of the Software Engineering Division at MIT’s Instrumentation Laboratory. She then went on and founded and became CEO of Hamilton Technologies, Inc., has published over 130 papers and reports on the 60 projects and 6 major programs that's she's involved in."
Awarded Medal of Freedom.

Marble quarry in Greece

Thank you, Mr. Safety Harness.

I sure wish I had known this trick what with the hundreds of paintings I have hung.

I ran across this image and don't even know where that is...

But if living in a state with a long coast line has taught me anything, it is that jetties and retaining walls do not delay erosion; but rather speed it up.

Service Dog Keeps a Boy With Autism From Running Into the Street

What the fuck is that shit on the ground that is so interesting?

I think the attacker won, even though he looks smaller.

From Jabba the Hutt's perspective Star Wars is the story of a guy who owed him money and then instead of paying had his friends murder him.

You can't imagine how excited I get over things like this...

Watched a video about an island in the Samoan Chain that is run 100% on solar. This is a still of the panels and they looked to me about 4'x8' each.

That would mean they could be mounted directly on the roof at this stage...

Instead of waiting until the whole roof was finished. Let the panels BE the roof.
Goddamnit! Aren't there any inventors out there who read my blog? I will give you the idea for free!

Tiny neodymium cube magnet trapped between two diamagnetic discs of pyrolytic graphite. Diamagnetic substances only have magnetic fields of their own when placed in an external magnetic field from another source- here the cube shaped magnet supplies the field. Diamagnetic fields are pretty weak, so the top magnet is adjusted to help lift the tiny magnet against gravity where the slightest air currents can send it dancing.

(error in the spelling of crowded)

I once overheard my daughter asking the little boy next door, "Are you the opposite sex, or am I." And so it began.


I will state right off that if you tell me that you watch Duck Dynasty or shows about Big Foot, etc, then I will judge you most harshly.

I detest the term Alt-Right. It's like we can't even call the bad guys nasty names anymore. I'm sticking with Neo-Nazi.

If my wife was the one who drove the Titanic I bet she could have hit at least 3 ice bergs before it sank.

Department Q: A film from Norway about the same detectives. I've seen several of them.
Here is a couple of lines of dialogue:

Why would that be any weirder than flying horses or virgin birth or a candle remaining lit after it ran out of fuel?
Anyway, they rescued two children who were locked up by a cultist and the only thing the children could tell them was of an annoying droning rumble that went on all day nonstop.

So the kids spent days listening to various sounds until they identified it as the sound of a wind turbine.

When I brought up the sound of wind turbines being a down side many months ago, I was taken as an alarmist or stooge of the oil companies. But imagine if your neighbor on the next farm put one up on the edge of his property and it was close to your house. I think you would have a right to complain.


Ninja Grrrl said...

I was so proud of myself for guessing the crossword clue from the first hint, I had to comment and tell you. :-) Also, I now know that ear pulling is a traditional Inuit game. I am pretty sure I will never understand men.

Anonymous said...

You ROCK my mornings.

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