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Thursday, December 8, 2016


One Of My Very Own...

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If you cheat on your girl once a month, that's only 12 out of 365 days, so you are still 97% faithful, which ain't all that bad.


There are shape charge rounds that use molten metal spewed out in a stream to burn through armor. Those wounds look like target practice for just such a round.

Some badass motherfucker digging up IEDs

While smoking...and not giving a fuck.

And mostly it is just a matter of luck.

Dutch commercial about support dogs for war veterans.

I had to read this twice...

Bernoulli's principle of fluid dynamics

*enter password*
*reset password*
*new password can't be the same as old password*


Another new guy on the job trick...

For reasons unknown, nearly half of the people who freeze to death are found partially or completely naked.

Forcing the head back and pouring cola down the nose is a very effective torture technique.

I'm smart. Just not remembers how to write a cursive Z, smart.

Every pub listed in the UK

Pictures like that still take my breath away.

A young Andy Warhol with one of his famous soup cans.

But look behind him...dollar bills! A kindred soul...without the sucking dicks part...not that there is anything wrong with that.

I choose toothpaste NOT recommended by dentists… those sneaky tooth-fiddlers have a lot to gain from promoting one that doesn't work.


Can we assume you have to use special paper?

How to parallel park.

They make it look so easy don't they.

In case you will be traveling to other countries this year...


Well, technically he is.

Perpetual puzzle trick

Well worth a watch:

My wife's fish net stockings are so tight that her legs look like wafer cookies when she takes them off. Just the way I like them.


One of the first photographs I ever posted.

Remember to make short sighted assumptions and rash decisions with almost no information today. It's the American way.


This is one of the damnest things I have ever seen...

The Bill Cosby beetle?

It's a Crinoid. Or feather starfish

My wife when she comes in after a haircut and asks, "Notice anything?"

Reverse Incense

How da do dat?

Sponges Filter Feed Shown Using Fluorescent Dye

How delightful...

Remember that earthquake in NZ?

They had a bigger one in Alaska many years ago, when the earth sheered off like that only by 50 feet....right in the middle of Anchorage.

Some guy's opinion...
"The largest known rodent is the Capybara. And it pisses me off when circus side shows pass that off as a 40 lb rat."

This is a huge deal, because mangrove forests worldwide are under serious threat.

Beside providing habitat and supporting unique ecosystems themselves, they also protect the a large amount of coastal areas from coastal erosion, a serious threat in many coastal areas. Anyways, this is neat.
They have tried everything they could think of to plant more mangrove trees, including placing seeds in specially formed cone-shaped containers that were dropped by the thousands out of airplanes. They were supposed to stick in the soil like a dart, but were not successful.

Fat kid Magi brought an interesting gift...

It's a bong.

Many still believe the "you eat 8 spiders per year" hoax, which was a teacher's test to show students how easy it was to spread internet lies. 23 years and still going.

At least he brought enough for everyone.

One of the funniest things I've ever seen on the internet...


Did you notice how battered the "baptismal" is? Must be a discount church and you get what you pay for.

The more you know, the dumber you sound to stupid people.


"The sad part is that in a 1000 years we'll have wars between the Penne Pastafarians and Linguini Pastafarians over who has the one true Pasta religion......and one will probably have to snip the ends off of their sausages."


MacGyver2016 said...

Perhaps it is just me, but the smoke in the reverse incense holder likes like an inverted, scowling face. Rather creepy.

Ted Opal said...

The swim...one of your best if not THE best I don't remember anything like this but it looks like a perfectly sensible thing to do to a baby; not to save their soul but to give them an idea what they are in for.
at least he should have had some soap and...maybe a snorkel hahaha.....
sad.....the indoctrination begins

Ralph Henry said...

And millions of people are absolutely sure that that ritual pleases the creator of the universe. Go fucking figure.

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