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Saturday, December 3, 2016


One Of My Very Own...

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Regarding my pipeline post from a couple of days ago:
Regarding your question about pipelines and leaking, all pipelines leak. They leak on day one. Not all weld joints in the pipes are perfect. Seismic activity is ubiquitous and will further open weld faults. Petrochemicals are corrosive and over time will further open weld faults and eventually corrode through the pipe walls themselves. These degradations will be rare initially, but their effects are insidious.
Petrochemical leakage from pipelines are a part of the tainting of all of our ground water. Even the great eastern aquifer, a great underground river thousands of feet deep running from the southern Appalachians to the Gulf of Mexico through limestone, is tainted with petrochemical poison. I drink it daily from a thousand foot well in Northern Florida.
This is the devil's bargain that we have made for our modern comfort. We will live with it for a thousand years after oil becomes nothing but a geological oddity. That transition from national blood to oddity is already occurring. Specifically, the oil to be carried by this pipeline is not needed. It is not to be used to fuel Florida, or even the Sioux reservation, but to sold by Canadians to the Chinese for money. You can make an argument for the jobs in transporting that oil, but it is akin to the argument for not fighting the Nazis to protect death camp guard jobs.
Surely, in this case, we can stop some - even if it is just a little - of the inevitable world poison from this pipeline. That is what the Sioux and their supporters are doing. I think they deserve our support, even if their success will only be symbolic.

- That was one of the most reasoned, well-written comments this blog has had the pleasure of reading.

Moving on...

I like this guy...

But then there are people like these...


Hey, Governor, your state is on fire...

I find this very sad...


And they don't even know why.

I found that humorous.

In case you missed it...
Goalkeeper for Baroka FC scores a bicycle kick to equalize at the last minute.

BTW...My bar is opening early for El Clasico and I have a lot of money on Barcelona. Wish me luck.

Some of the strangest images I have ever posted are here...today...on your day off. Try not to judge me.

She looks a little dejected.

Had we been born elsewhere...

What a wonderful observation!

This is for you vegans...

Haven't we all?

The old dildo-on-the-goal-line play...

Probably not a slut...

...but damn.

100% an old slut...

She knows it. You know it. So fuck you.

Some of us more than sure.

Every man to have ever lived would do this...

I will guarantee you that the first cave dweller to come upon that outcropping did the exact same thing. It's in our genes.

Something I've never really had to think about...

It's a burden I share with you big fella...


I mean it...WTF does that mean?

Oh, hell no, darling.

The look on his face.
She most likely learned that from a pamphlet.

Yes, you have to stroke it to turn on the water...

No pun intended.

Dick head?

One of you smart people explain to me why penis pumps and Viagra are covered by insurance and birth control for women is not. One would think the pills would be much cheaper than paying for the insured woman's child delivery.

TALKING? It only needs two words: Yes, master.

Banana to the mouth; never mouth to banana.

What was your first hint that your son was...you know?

So the fuck what?

Well, the banana isn't going to eat me back, now is it?

That makes perfect sense.


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Anonymous said...

Ew,ew and ew.
PS: How dare hey do that with a baby doll head????

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