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Sunday, December 4, 2016


One Of My Very Own...

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I find this very exciting.

With the help of the Italian-built Shallow Radar tool, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s team was able to evaluate that an ice deposit is almost 260 and 560 feet thick, and it lies below a coating of soil up to 33 feet deep. This massive ice deposit is the ideal target for exploration.
Fuck exploration, let's live there. Set up some sort of nuclear thermal blaster thing that will eat out a subsurface dwelling to shield you from gamma rays and shit. Dig it out in such a way that it has a long shallow ramp to drive your vehicles down.
"Mommy, I'm thirsty."
"Just go lick the walls you lazy bastard. Do I have to do everything around here?" says mom cranking up the thermal blaster to carve out a nursery because her husband is over-sexed just like her mother told her he'd be.
They call your Social Security and Medicare "Entitlements" so you don't call them something sillY like "Earned Benefits."

Please enjoy my day off as much as I will. Got up early to meet my buddies at my bar for El Clasico. I had it won until Real Madrid scored in the 90th minute.

And for you people are disappointed that I am unable to post a full post every day, I offer you this:

(I would have said "Resume.")


They can't all be gems.


Why wouldn't you just....oh, never mind.

Don't bother to tell me that's not true, cause I won't believe you.

I missed that the first time I read it.

Or not.

Quarter pounder with cheese.

You have a magic box in your pocket or purse that can be used to research the collective knowledge of all humankind. Please don't settle for a tiny, biased slice to define your world view. You are smarter than that.

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Donald Q. Diarrhea said...

Regarding your linguistic weirdness coffee cup picture, there is a podcast on iTunes called "The History of English" that explains it all. You may want to listen to it if you have diarrhea and want to be bored shitless. Now in episode 77, they explain that the word Diarrhea has two "R's" because in ancient Proto-Indo-European ... blah blah blah ...

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