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Saturday, January 14, 2017



Nothing says humor like a kid with a broken neck...

That was a little too violent for my taste.
And remember, she's taping a curling iron tutorial...

I know it's a repost, but I have so many new viewers that haven't yet seen that.

Somebody let me know how much trouble you had for all these gifs to download.

Do you remember the theory that a single butterfly's beating wing could cause a hurricane? Well, every single person that he comes in contact with will be affected...just because he didn't die right that moment.

Don't fuck with trucks.


Perfect "Hold my beer" moment...

His wife still has it in her hand.

I was surprised that wasn't the top of his skull being flicked away.

That should not be possible.

There should be a chain restrain or something.

That is why you put on all five lug nuts.

This is why you keep your booger finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.


That happens much more often than I would have thought.


It's called an parking brake....use it.

D: All of the above

With as much drinking that takes place on a golf course, I'm surprised there's not more of this.

You know what that sound is?

Somebody else's problem.

I found that very funny.

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Ninja Grrrl said...

When you make a gif heavy post, I often give up at some point. This time I was able to view all of them, but it's still rather frustrating as it takes so long for my phone to load them.

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