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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


One Of My Very Own...

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La Marseillaise

Bill gates urges world leaders to take pre-emptive measures against bioterrorism, which he believes could pose a greater threat than any other large scale event. This is due to the relative ease in the near future to make a bioweapon and the relative difficulty to stop pandemics. 
And we spend all of our time parsing the words of our idiot leader, while the world burns...potentially.


No one wants dirty air and water. The problem is overstepping their mandate and just fucking with people. If you asked me if the government should be able to take away all the cars and houses a high level drug lord bought with his ill gotten gains, I would probably say yes. But the forfeiture laws have been and are abused daily. 


The image is made out of pissed of liberals.

Have we Americans no shame left. That lunatic is an indictment of us all.

Email from my #1 advisor:

"I believe gender dysphoria to be a real (physical) condition that is basically a more extreme version of homosexuality. I consider it a rare, natural mutation in the brain region associated with gender, sexual orientation, and identity. These people are not just attracted to the same sex, they don't even see it that way, since they consider themselves to actually be the opposite sex, just "trapped" in the wrong body. I can only imagine how horrible that would feel without a supportive family. Here's a story I found:"

That was a very powerful article.
But then you run across stuff like this.
(For the record I never said they were mentally ill and do not believe it to be true.)

Yeah, kids not old enough to buy a beer get to demand that I change my vocabulary because they have powerful feelings and display an inordinate amount of drama. Hmmmmm. 

For the record, I don't give a crap what you want to do with your dick or vagina. Honestly. I just think simply declaring there are 86 genders does not make it a fact. I believe there are two genders: Men (including men who like women, men who like other men and men who want to be a woman, or both) and Women (including women who like men, women who like other women and women who want to be men or both). Of course if you have your dick cut off, all bets are off.

And on a related topic, I think I've omitted to tell you that I have no respect for anything or anyone associated with the Kardashians. One of them could land a stalled airliner on the Hudson River and I would still shit on their grave. Have I made myself clear?

Interestingly, after Thailand (of course), the country that performs the most gender altering surgeries is actually IRAN.

My advisor also told me about this.
Well worth the read:

That could be a real game changer.

It still really upsets me that my dog stopped talking to me around the same time I gave up taking hallucinogenic drugs.


Sweet baby Jesus!

Logic need not apply.

Amelia Earhart and Orville Wright examining an engine at the Franklin Institute in 1933.

And where exactly do you think they got their "homeland?" Do you think they marched across the Bering Strait and found an eden and settled there unmolested until white man showed up.
Well, if you dig just a little deeper, there was such a thing as Indian Wars and they didn't take prisoners, they took slaves...or forced wives. And after a few generations a stronger tribe or coalition of tribes did the same goddamn thing to them. There are tribes to this day that STILL hate each other.
So, please, stop with the blame whitey for everything. It's starting to get old.


Do you know the first thing to happen after Adam ate the apple? He said, "Eve, you better back up, I don't know how big this thing is liable to get." 

Fun art installation
You know how some markers stink? I hope they solved that problem.
Now imagine if every kid in the school participated and ever kid got a piece of the wall covering. 

Carrie Nation showing off the hatchet she used to attack bars and saloons as she advocated against alcohol consumption, 1910.
The woman that almost single-handedly created organized crime in America.

Winter/Summer Solstice Visualization

Henry Ford in his Quadricycle in 1896.

Baseball legend Ted Williams is shown in the cockpit of his jet fighter plane while taking a refresher course in 1952. Williams had forgone 5 MLB seasons to fight in WWII and Korea, flying 39 combat missions in Korea.
There is a story about a pitch coming right down the middle on Ted Williams and the umpire called a ball. The catcher turned around and said, "That was a ball?" The umpire said, "Yeah. Otherwise Mr. Williams would have hit it."

In & Of Itself is the fantastic brainchild of three-time Academy of Magical Arts Award winner Derek DelGuadio.
You really might want to research this insane stuff. It is said that if you ever see it, you will never forget it. And no, it's not just a magic show.
(if you have been to one of the shows, please let me know how you liked it)

As a fan of Dirty Dancing I can only hope that when we go on holiday one of my teenage daughters sleeps with a middle aged dance instructor.


Turtles often outlive their owners, a fact the police refuse to treat as suspicious.


This is not a mass execution as reported. It's a dance troupe.

Notice huge piece of foam rubber misplacement...

That leaves me...speechless. 

He would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids! 

Believe it or not, there are quite a few dogs running for this or that office.

Online Casino caught cheating during live stream.
Watch his left hand flick that card up. Anybody in their right mind tell me what that's about. Do they specialize in taking money from retards?

Early stage of the air war for Britain? 

The fuck kind of lunacy is this?
As soon as I saw this dog and pony show on live TV I went to my studio and took a pair of work gloves I've worn a thousand times. Then I tried to put them on with my hand held flat and taut. There was no way they would go on. That murderer did the exact same thing and got away with it.


The honeymoon is over between me an Walking Dead. There were several wonderful survival strategies that have been totally ignored. Nobody cloaks themselves with zombie guts anymore. Nobody puts out long sharpened spikes on which zombies impale themselves. No more moats.

I mean, why would someone, somewhere lure all the zombies in town into one building and onto the roof, then you walk across a plank or ladder to the adjacent roof, pull the plank to you, then tease them to come get you. They then fall 40 stories to the sidewalk and explode.
And there is not near enough use of trenches.

Too Stupid To Be Guilty
In September 1999, The baseball player Pedro Guerrero was arrested for trying to buy 33 pounds of cocaine from an undercover agent.
In June 2002, he was acquitted of drug conspiracy charges after his attorney argued his low IQ of 70 prevented him from understanding that he had agreed to a drug deal and that he was borderline retarded. His attorney further argued that Guerrero could not complete basic tasks such as writing a check, making his bed, or buying insurance and that his wife had to place him on a daily monetary allowance.



That's sad as shit.


What actually happened in the Swedish riots. 
Pray for Sweden!

Belurusian leader Alexander Lukashenko calls himself "Europe's last dictator": he's a thug who steals elections and sends opposition politicians to forced labor camps, the kind of guy who can get away with arresting a one-armed man for clapping -- but when he imposed a "social parasite tax" on unemployed people in the recession-devastated country, it proved too much.

Don't try to tell me you can't handle a little silliness from time to time.

And lastly, a cartoon I have often posted because I like it...

My #2 Advisor sent me this:
3 Men With Tourettes On A Holiday

Me teaching: Remember class, there are no stupid questions
Stupidest kid: *raises hand*
Teacher: I just said, no stupid questions!


I'm the kind of guy that when he's presented with new evidence will change his mind. The immigrants in Sweden causing a rise in rape cases is my latest.
(I hope you can click to embiggenize)

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Anonymous said...

Otherkin has a spiritual component that trans does not.

I have seen people make arguments that otherkin are just trans kids that instead of being made fun of... Go and create fantasies. It suddenly goes from something is wrong with you stop wearing a dress to. Oh my god your a dragon. One is more comforting.

I choose to believe it's a step to animals having legal protections.

The biological framework to feel like an animal isn't there. But the framework to feel like the other sex is.

Caitlyn Jenner actually is pretty terrible. Not unlike a lot of old white men with money.

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