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Friday, April 21, 2017

FRIDAY #3043

One Of My Very Own...




She stood blocked an armored car bringing in more tear gas.
"Help Venezuela! We are dying from hunger, illness, bullets, protesting."
 "Please help us! spread the word! people are dying of hunger (no food), illness (no medicines), and of bullets wounds for protesting (today 2 protesters died by headshots)
Help Venezuela we are protesting because we are tired of our Government."
 Every day you see people standing in lines to buy food (I have to do it too) and a lot of people searching the trash to eat.
 "The Government stole all the dollars and also controls the exchange market (Thanks Chavez, Maduro and company) thus there is no money or very little money to import food even MEDICINE! (people are dying from dumb curable diseases, "eradicated" diseases are reemerging."
The Government has dollars but when they import food is to steal dollars, thus we receive very little food or they let it rotten in the Container Port.
Also the criminality rates are thru the roof , criminals are cold blooded and have guns and better weapons than the police, if you resist a robbery, a kidnap or try to run away you have 99% chance to end up dead (sometimes they shoot you for no reason). The Government doesn't chase the criminals or gangs but now the city is militarized... there is weapons and tanks to attack protesters but no criminals. Even when they catch a criminal the police release because corruption or lack of space in the jail. They prosecute very few criminals and after a couple of month some scape. You see prisons with discos, banks, live music by known musicians, even there is prison with a swimming pool.
Please help us! spread the word! #venezuela #Sosvenezuela #help #Corruption #hunger #Criminality #Government_corruption #Government_fail
Match put on hold while listening to couple having sex...ACROSS THE LAKE!!
 You might want to turn up the sound on your computer and on the Youtube clip.



He died doing what he loved....killing people.

When stopping for fast food, my decision on which one is based solely on whether I have to turn left to get to it.

 Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski and others.

And others...

Final Destination sure had a lot of sequels for a movie with "final" in its name.


 In 1992, the artist Gunter Demnig started laying “Stolperstein,” or stumbling stones, to remember individuals persecuted by the Nazis. Each stone, which is just 3.9 x 3.9 inches and covered with a brass plaque recording the name and dates of the victim, is embedded in the street in front of their last chosen place of residence. Today, there are over 56,000 Stolperstein in 22 European countries, the quiet yet powerful markers reminding us of the scope and horrors of the Nazi era.

In the middle of an unprepossessing traffic island on one of the major roads in London lies a circular marker revealing the gruesome history of this seemingly ordinary location. Back in 1196 at this spot the first execution at Tyburn (which was then just a small village outside London) was carried out, the beginning of a long history as one of the most notorious execution sites in Britain. In 1571 a triangular gallows was erected, which became known as the Tyburn Tree. The “tree” was capable of hanging 24 people simultaneously. 

What a wonderful hobby.

This should be an Olympic event...

So should this...

These photographs are the creation of artist Martin Kimbell, who puts LEDs on hoops and tosses them around. 


Use your goddamn turn signals.


 I have no idea why that happened.

Instant regret
I know this is old, but this is the first gif I could download.

"R. L Burnside once killed a man at a dice game. When asked about it he said..."

This from a Portuguese movie...The Eyes Of My Mother.
About as dark a movie as you could ever see.
This is a serial killer who killed the mother and then was overcome and chained in the bar...for years. He was asked this question:

He replied:
I listened to a real serial killer explain how he chose his victims and that was to check the back door. If it was unlocked he felt he was invite in.
Also, I read that 80% of all home burglaries were because the back door was unlocked.

These may be effective, but this exact misadventure was shown a half dozen times.
All they had to do to make it safe was to install another drop down arm in the other lane.


If you are absolutely bored, take a look: 

In an alternate universe somewhere...

But in this universe...

They don't call them donorcycles for nothin...
 "Actually dude is OK, apparently just a broken pelvis. Dude flew 50' through the air. Could have been much, much worse."


The human Skankipede
 Does anyone else want to see if you could taser all of them with a single shot.

Wife asked why I started carrying a pistol around the house. I told her fear of the CIA. She laughed, I laughed, Alexa laughed. I shot Alexa.


 Good Lord

In another movie this child sleeps in the forest.

When she woke up she looked up to see that it was morning.
 But notice how the trees do not touch in the canopy. I still find that fascinating.

A repost of this marvel of technology.


All it does is ask you if you know the mean of a word that pops up on the screen. So to cheat all you do is keep replying yes? Well, no. They pop up words that aren't words at all and saying you know it will count against it.


Not to brag, but I don't need alcohol to make really bad decisions.


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