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Friday, June 2, 2017

FRIDAY #3085

Jim Croce - Rapid Roy (The stock car boy)

While everybody focuses on Trump's grammatical errors and some dumb broad holding up a fake bloodied head....Perhaps we can give a moment to remember the 83 people who were killed and 461 injured in the attack in Kabul.

We are STILL having protests in my state of South Carolina of that damn flag. If they wanted to show the true Confederate flag it would be white.


And yes that is live fire.

I don't know enough about this to have an opinion, but those people blame these people.



Take my wife...please.

Email from my wife and bestest friend:

Just got a call from CPD requesting I host another Front Porch Roll Call as the International Association of Police Chiefs will be visiting Cola and want to see what it's all about. June 27, 6;30 pm

My wife saw a man collecting aluminum cans and told him that she would put out all mine every Thursday. After several months he stopped in to say that thanks to her - and me - he's putting all three of his children through Harvard Law School. 

A friend of my wife is running for Congress. Here's one funny ass TV spot:


Global Warming. Denial isn't that hard to understand when you think of the terror pushed by "scientists" who predicted acid rain destroying the planet; Y2K destroying the economy; nuclear power poisoning the Earth; nuclear bombs blowing us all up, etc. There have always been those who harbinger  total disaster at every turn of the TV dial. That doesn't mean I advocate doing nothing, just that I understand how people are inured to pending doom. So lets just push the agenda under the banner of cleaning up our planet.

And now this lunacy...
Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Mich.) told constituents last week that he believes if climate change is a real problem, God can fix it.
“I believe there’s climate change,” Walberg said at a town hall last Friday in Coldwater, Mich., according to the Huffington Post, which obtained video of the exchange.

I realized too late that I should have bought a fresh sheet for the toga party, when I walked past the black light.


I ran across this and it got me to thinking about mosaics.
Although that is more about color than tile.

Then I saw this.
It was stated that the guy did it himself with a waterjet.

There is something just so permanent about mosaics...

All the artwork I did with tile, I used snippers that would break off part of a square tile to almost any shape. I think they used them way back when.

Atmospheric perspective at its finest.

Slow down and take the time to appreciate this wonder.

Wire Architecture

You can see many more of Tresoldi's wire installations on his website: 


When imagination is stronger than reality.

Why hasn't anyone marketed bottled water as nonalcoholic vodka?


Okay, I understand "thrills" I guess. It's what little kids experience going down a slide for the first time. But when you become a man, I think you should put childish things behind you...like pointless thrills.
You want to parachute off something, join the army and at least do some good...and earn some money.

Here we have Finnish reservists from a combat engineer platoon at Säkylä garrison, Finland preparing for a deployment at Estonia, where they'd participate in Kevadtorm 2017 exercise between some 6000 Estonian, American, German, Danish, British, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, French, Polish, Slovakian, Ukrainian, Canadian, Georgian, Belgian and Finnish forces.
I was very impressed at the number of participating countries. I assume NATO related.

I am not impressed by this man's attempt to use his "energy shield" to block MMA fighter's punches.
Maybe his "energy shield" power pack is on the fritz.
You think.

At a protest at Berkley today, the Fuck Trump group was drowned out by the Fuck Free Speech group.


Some people think I shouldn't be laughing at that lunacy.

"Take that back."
But if you can't laugh at a woman "insisting" I call her a cat, what is there left to laugh at. She doesn't need respect; she needs therapy.

Example #2:

Most criminals take our stuff and we are inconvenienced for a while.

Some raise the ante considerably with the use or threatened use of deadly force, but most of them are still just trying to steal your stuff.

These last two are far from humor.
But there is a whole new class of sub-humans who just like to hurt people.
That poor kid was four years old.
Then there are the worse.

Using a decoy to find a murder suspect,

the video shows a guy standing over the mannequin decoy they placed in a sleeping bag.
A minute later, he reaches into a plastic bag and pulls out a mini-sledgehammer. A hunt for the killer of two sleeping homeless men in Las Vegas led to an unusual attempted murder charge Tuesday and a legal debate about criminal intent, when a man was accused of trying to kill a mannequin used as a decoy near the downtown site where the men had died of head injuries.

Co-worker - Diet coke causes cancer.
Me - My grandfather died at 102.
CW- He used to drink diet coke?
Me - No, he minded his own fucking business.


An Indian teenager has won an international competition to build a functioning satellite, and not only has he produced what is reportedly the world’s lightest satellite device – NASA has also agreed to launch it next month.

Scientists just think differently than you and I.

Ladies and gentleman, the man trying to get us to Mars.
If you could go back in time and stop yourself from making all your mistakes, would you still be the same you? I think not.

I respect this guy for not dying.
Gentle Read, that's what's called "out cold."
That fucking flop is awful.

Might be Golden Earle, but then again, maybe a young Bold Eagle.


I had a teaching buddy who placed a paddle just like that leaning in her dust tray.
She never touched a child with it, but every once in a while she would pick it up and walk around with it. Needless to say, it was very effective.

Them: Sir there's no food allowed in here. 
Me: This is my service burrito.


In 1934, a dam and a reservoir was built to conserve waters entering a nearby swamp and to regulate the flow of water in the Shenango and Beaver rivers. 

A concrete spillway bowl was also built to allow independent regulation of the upper reservoir. The flow of water over the bowl brings a constant supply of natural food into the area, including plant material, insect larvae, crayfish and other invertebrates, drawing a large number of fish to this structure. As soon as this phenomenon was discovered, the Linesville spillway became an impromptu tourists attraction.

RH - Yes, I can hear it now...

"Where are you two going on your honeymoon?" "To the spillway, of course."

Made by a patient at a psychiatric hospital.

This is clay (dirt, so natural) and it is being used to 3D print.

And that's why they use airplanes.


Otter not giving a fuck.



Guilt. It's a powerful tool.

Do you remember teenage sex? I do.
And in my humble opinion, I had found heaven and never felt I needed to look any farther.
And I will admit I was very fortunate that my very first lover showed me where her clitoris was and bold enough to tell me what she wanted done to it.

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