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Thursday, June 15, 2017


One Of My Very Own...


You know how they say cancer in Mexico? 
El cancer.


The Boeing "Bird of Prey". Perhaps one of the strangest planes to ever fly.

In my opinion, this is the most important aircraft in our arsenal.
The AWAC can see the whole battlefield and determine friend from foe. It allows our fighters to hit an enemy aircraft moments after he lifts off the run way and down it from 40 miles away.

Hard rock festival builds 7-km beer pipeline to deliver 400,000 liters of beer in northern Germany.
You gotta love those Germans.

The only LEGO Mosaic Maker photo booth in the world can be found upstairs in the newly-opened LEGO store in London's Leicester Square.

These more or less speak for themselves.

Floating solar panels in China.

That's where I would hide my dope.

That's one way to secure it. 
I think that is called a heavy mortar...for very good reasons.

In 50 years we'll look back on major historical events and say, "I remember up-voting that."


Guy said he wrote a program to do this.


I admire the guy. And if anybody really loved me they would buy me an assortment of those eyes.

The real story behind those mood photos...

I never had the parenting skills of my parents, because, you know, the laws have changed.


When I'm winning a argument with my wife and she yells from the next room that she had sex with my sister.

That time my daughter asked me to install a detachable shower head.


It's the, "little" things in life...
Believe this or not, a young friend told me that when the midget stripper is at the local strip club, he calls all his friends. Apparently, she is very popular.

In 2017 it is possible to fly from any airport in the US without announcing it on Facebook.


Forget the money spent...
What about the countless lives ruined?
Read more here: 

I have never understood how AT&T, Time Warner, Direct TV, etc, have all based their business on terrible customer service. EVERYBODY hates these people.

Then there's this guy.

Watch carefully.
Did you notice the guy got run over by the front wheel of the bus? Then walked away from it.

On the road in front of my house when I was but a child, a taxi got in a wreck and the backseat passenger was thrown out the windshield. Then when the ambulance got there it RAN OVER THE WOMAN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY. She ended up making a full recovery. After the ambulance left almost an hour later, however, the taxi driver dropped dead still directing traffic around the accident.
Adrenaline is a powerful thing.

Computer games are pretty cool. This one uses a flame thrower to get out of ice.
But they are just games. Sure distraction is okay every once in a while, but goddamn, people, it's all some people do. There is a thing called life out there shouting for your attention. Go plant a goddamn tree for god's sake.

I was watching House Of Cards and this man's wife knew he had lost touch with reality when all he wanted to do was play a game....IN THE MIDDLE OF A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!

This seems to me a much healthier distraction.

I know this occurred a long time ago, but bear with me.

Moving the the world's largest single-masted carbon fiber sailboat.

What confuses me is why they built the things so far away from where they would be needed?

Why is it so very difficult for Americans to admit that America has made a mistake. Surely they don't really believe we are infallible. Is it just misguided pride? 

Let's take the metric system. Quick, how many cups are there in 14 gallons of liquid. Yeah, well in metric that would take a third grader a couple of seconds and he does it in his head.

Or the 24 hour clock. No more confusion about day or night and never having to write AM or PM again.

And the day/month/year European method for dates. Smallest, medium and largest and the computer has no problem keeping them in order. 

America is a great nation, but it seems devoid of logic. 

You can lie down for people to walk on you and they will still complain that you're not flat enough.


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