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Sunday, July 9, 2017

SUNDAY #3121

One Of My Very Own...

Before retiring due to advanced Alzheimer's Glen Campbell wrote a song about it titled

"I'm Not Gonna Miss You", his final song. 

Jeff Beck and ZZ Top - Sixteen Tons

Elon Musk just announced he is building the world's largest battery (100MW) in South Australia. In 100 days or its free.
The previous largest battery was 30MW.

The eye roll...
"So you see, very simple. Ukraine now actually Mykraine"


There's a whole lot of pissed off people out there, people.

“The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true.”


By 2100, scientists predict 48-74% of people worldwide will be at risk of death from extreme heat at least 20 days of the year.

It uses only one car battery.
Flight time - about 3 minutes.

1993 Mustang Cobra Intake Manifold being internally polished.


Patient's hand saved after being attached to their leg for a month and then reattached back to their arm. 
During that month I bet he won a lot of bar bets.

Well, you can't watch it because like a whole bunch of good shit on the internet, the GIF is too long to download.
But this guy asked everyone - even yelled it out - and could find no medical professional even though it was advertised that most doctors agreed with them.
There was one group that encouraging others not to vaccinate their pets. Helloooooo rabies.

I initiated a conversation with my bartender of the foolishness of cutting down the rain forest before we had a chance to check out the flora for healing drugs. She countered that Big Pharma knew all about healing plants and kept them quiet because they wouldn't make money off it.
I didn't have the energy to argue the point. But this fits right in to both conversations:

"You’re on Earth. There’s no cure for that.”
(Well, not with that attitude.)


For you people who don't know, that's a welder's face shield with a dildo stuck at mouth level.

Imagine what is happening to her brain slamming against her skull...over and over and over again.

I just had to repost that. What fucking fun!

"Hold my meth pipe."
What chances does that child have growing up normal?

When you hit the bidet option on a Japanese toilet by mistake and there is nothing to do but ride it out because you don't know how to make it stop.

The morons are the parents who live and/or work mere feet from a highway and yet their child hasn't been taught not to do that.

I did it! I found the worst thing on the internet. 

Park carefully, there is extra space for a reason (raising awareness)
I have a handicap placard in my vehicles in case my back goes out, but I never park in a handicap space, knowing someone like the guy above needs it more.

Oh, look, it's Mr. Supreme Dumbass, the Fuckthatshitistan champion spelunker.
Where the fuck is his fear receptors?

Georgia O’ Keefe: “Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.”



I know they were not infallible, but those guys did a damn good job with the constitution.
Then we started fucking with it. The document clearly lays out everything the federal government is allowed do...armies, interstate commerce so one state can't fuck with another, etc. Now you may ask, "How did the federal government if their powers are clearly laid out in the constitution?"
For instance, who gave the federal government to right to force a cafe owner in Irmo, South Carolina to serve black people? Well, that burger and fries miraculously turned into interstate commerce.
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they did it, but the reasoning is questionable.

Well, well, well.

He's always had such nice hair.


I do very bad things sometimes, but I do them very well.


Humans have had a long history with animals.
But most of the time we can't just leave them alone to be animals...you know, be born, grow up, then become food.
We insist on turning them into amusement.
Even bulls have bad days. Keep your eye on that one bull...

Maybe this one just decided to fight back.

Look at that water tension.
That's unbelievable. 

Poor famous bastard!


Turtle uses its shell to deflect a shark attack.
I didn't know they did that. How clever.

No nose, but don't know if birth defect or accident.
Do you think it can still smell, if only a little. If not he may not know how to interpret the world around him.

God I hope that's true.

DNA clues to why woolly mammoth died out 

The last woolly mammoths to walk the Earth were so wracked with genetic disease that they lost their sense of smell, shunned company, and had a strange shiny coat.

Being a Dad isn't just about eating a huge bag of Cheez-Its as your wife gives birth; it means being comfortable with the word hero.


We've all seen stir fry...

But this shit looks delicious.

A couple of intelligent containers.

And a new boxed wine container. I strongly support this.

It seems to me that flour is more or less flour, so I would guess most women bought the brand with the print bags, then all the other companies followed suit.
That is extraordinary marketing.

I had to hang hundreds of pounds worth of mural panels in a factory once. We used this technique.
We ripped a stronger 2x6 because of the weight.

If anything went wrong and you panel was not absolutely level after installation, we would just place big washers at the end of the cut to true it up.

I sure would like to know if they were effective. I assume they were not, since they are no longer in use.

A casual reenactment of D-day at Benidorm, Spain.
Debbie and I followed a long convoy of WWII vehicles in France. It stopped in the parking lot at Omaha Beach. The re-enactors had some WWII garb on, but also more modern Desert Storm stuff and a few had Civil War hats.

Five targets, five bombs.
Great shooting is a lot easier when the occupants aren't shooting back.

Research suggests the effects of shift work or jet lag on our body clocks can be reduced by simply changing meal times.

Speaking of clocks...
Clock in Amsterdam shows a man painting every minute hand, then wiping it off and painting another.

The GIF was too long...
But it was cool as shit.

Sometimes I wonder whether I have any real intelligence or if I just have enough random bits of surface knowledge to bullshit my way through most situations.


Australian senator Larissa Waters debating school politics while breastfeeding in Canberra.
Outlawing this is like anti-vaccine people. I blame the professionals - scientist, doctors - who sit on the sidelines of the debate leaving non-experts like me to fend for myself. By now there should be hundreds of PSAs explaining the benefits and dangers of both sides of the argument.


Anonymous said...

Ten Years After is on their 50th Anniversary Tour...Shouldn't the tour be called Sixty Years After?

Scott James said...

Water tension? What about the damsel fly riding on the snakes head? I find that much more amazing.

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