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Monday, July 10, 2017

MONDAY #3122

One Of My Very Own...

"Hey, Tucson, you're mountain's on fire."

In the "You Ain't Gonna Believe This Shit" Section:
Of course, such victims are more likely to be low-earning black men between the ages of 15 and 24.
(well, that's not my fault.)

Resting riot police in Hamburg.

You know that feeling when your kid steps on a Lego he refused to pick up.


For those wondering, it's pronounced "nice." You're welcome.

"DO NOT GO TO NORTH KOREA." You would think everyone in the world knew that by now.


Key phrase...

This took me far longer to figure out than it should have...

Yeah, a praying mantis captures a humming bird. And managed to hang on by only two legs during all that thrashing.


This is EXACTLY what happened to me while the wife and I were camping.
That little fucker walked right up to the campfire and quick as a wink stole one of the steaks I was cooking.
A perfect example of my quick wit was when the wife asked what happened and I said, "A raccoon stole 'your' steak."

Told my young daughters it was time I told them about the Applebirds and Applebees, then I kept sticking the mozzarella stick through the onion ring until we got kicked out.


Most underrated invention of our time.

Stuff like this fascinates me.

People who write original scripts are my heroes.

Pink Floyd concert in Venice on July 15, 1989.
I only hear out of one ear, so stereo is of no use to me. But now I see so poorly out of the eye I was shot with BB gun that 3D movies have no effect.

I'll leave this without comment.

I wouldn't call it wrinkling so much as sagging.

I have no idea what this is. It just showed up one day.
Marble quarry in Greece
I think I may have posted that before, but I'm in awe. I understand drilling holes in which to place explosives, but those many holes seem out of place.

A robot that can write in your handwriting.

I bet when Godzilla first came out, I bet god was like "Damn, that name is way cooler."


Quebec had a diversity parade..
Everyone parading was white people dressed in white, but the "porters" were all black.
They wanted a green parade with nothing motorized. Call the Africans!

In the early days of military aviation, high volume of fire was achieved in many ways and apparently  jury-rigging 10 C96 Broomhandle Mausers together is one way to do it.

That's probably not true.

A judge in Spain has ordered the exhumation of artist Salvador Dali's body for genetic testing, so that a paternity lawsuit may be resolved. Dali died in 1989; Pilar Abel believes the painter is her father, from an affair he reportedly had with a maid in 1955.

This will blow your mind...
That's.....that's amazing.

The foot. Watch the foot.
Looks broken to me.

And to think, Gentle Reader, there are people that think the above image is factual. God help us.

Violence against an old woman and a 15 year old kid is seldom justified.

But the portion size at the restaurant was too small, so they deserved it.

I wonder if Darth Vader ever did the jerk-off motion and accidentally force-jerked some guy across the room?


Netflix Movie - The Incident
This was a sci-fi movie about two groups of people. One was trapped in a stairwell for 38 years.

The other group was on a highway that looped itself so there was not exit.
Both locations probably cost the film company $0.
This is what only one flight of stairs looked like toward the end.
In case you were wondering, there was a vending machine with sandwiches and such on one of the landings; and there was a gas state/store on the highway and they kept magically refilling themselves.

"Your word is...Death."
"Can you use it in a sentence?"
"In most states, yes."


The life of a truck driver in France these days.
Those are emigrants trying to rob his truck.
Reminds me of the incident in Pakistan where a gasoline truck turned over and was leaking gas. 100 people were killed when they rushed the truck to steal the gas...and it, not surprisingly, exploded. 

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Anonymous said...

About the marble quarry in Greece, I'd say walls reinforcement with rock anchors drill.
BTW, it's always a pleasure to read your blog, cheers.

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