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Thursday, July 6, 2017


One Of My Very Own...

Otis Redding ~ I´ve Got Dreams To Remember

What an asshole.
Sand Sculpture on a New Jersey beach today.

This is part of a photo-essay concerning Venezuela. I have included his dialogue.

"Im not making this post to ask for help. Im making this because i want to leave (even more) evidence of what's happening right now here. Every protest begins like this, just people with flags, signs and similar stuff going from one place of the city to another place in the city. NO biggie."

"Then this happens."

"With over 100 days of protests and over 90 deaths in hands of the police or the army we are getting closer and closer to the Asamblea Nacional Constituyente (don't know how to spell that in english), basically, its the way the government is trying to change the current constitution in their favor, allowing them to stay in power as long as they want to, also eliminating private property and we won't be able to freely move from one state to another without their permission, even less freedom to travel outside the country." 
"Im scared as shit. I don't have the resources to move to another country and they are starting to ban social media sites like twitter, facebook, instagram and youtube. Maybe shit will hit the fan this month so i just wanted to explain what's happening right now."

I know this is late...

Argentine football star Lionel Messi and bride Antonella Roccuzzo pose for photographers just after their wedding at the City Centre Complex in Rosario, Santa Fe province, Argentina on June 30, 2017. Footballers and celebrities including pop singer Shakira gathered Friday for the “wedding of the century” in Lionel Messi's Argentine hometown as the Barcelona superstar prepared to marry his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo.

I'm a sex object in that I ask my wife for sex and she objects.


I posted this a long, long time ago.
At the time I stated that I thought it wonderful.
Well, Mr. Johansson has been busy.

And now he's doing this...

Guy's got a future.

When I sent my DNA test to Ancestry.com an exorcist showed up at my door.


I find it very comforting to believe in a multiverse. My way of thinking is that for us to believe we are the only universe is akin to thinking the Earth was the center of the Solar System...arrogance. 

But here some neat things to wrap your mind around...

If you disbelieve that anything a human can do with their hands will soon be the job of the robot, check this out.

Still don't believe me? Check this out...

Example 3:
This machine senses, then instantly flicks away sub-standard tomatoes.
I found that fascinating.


Nuclear bomb "shadow" in Hiroshima.
That is a world treasure in that it perfectly documents the horror inflicted by human beings on other human beings. I wonder if the steps were moved and protected.

At first that sound like a sound argument, but me asking you not to drive drunk does not automatically mean I think my airbag and seatbelts are defective.

Maybe this is the chink in the robot's armor.
It can only do what it is programmed to do. Spotting that anomaly was not programmed.

Kind of boring but I'll aloe it.
I wonder how many pre-historic men have stuck their dicks in one of those while his wife was out gathering?

I came. I saw. I left early.



Rules for Roadrunner cartoons:


Negros is a province in the Philippines. 

Hey, believers, remember when you ask how you were supposed to explain two married men to you children? Well, do you think this is appropriate reading for a young mind?

I have taught at schools with many teachers this stupid.

There is always room in your life to fuck more shit up. Always.


This is the Blobfish.

This is the human equivalence of a Blobfish...

This is my wife peeking into my computer.
Then she washes her hands.



The more I light my lighter the lighter my lighter gets until it's too light to light.


American troops coming home from war in 1945 aboard Queen Elizabeth.
Normal kids doing extraordinary things.

Heimlich Maneuver - Level: Expert.


I have a huge file filled with what I call "Reactions." I searched for a reaction clip for the above and couldn't decide, so pick the one you think is most appropriate:

A sure sign that this girl loves her boyfriend.

"Hey, mister, your mustache fell down."

Slip and slide kickball. A friend of mine invented it.

Notice the early warning by the dog.
There should be a slide or some such to get out of tall buildings.

Wow. Notice last second parachute.

One more look at a frog in cement like that sidewalk that amazed me.

Being an adult is pretty much just feeling tired all the time and telling people how tired you are and they telling you how tired they are.


Believers worship a book that is only the result of what the ancient Catholic overlords wanted you to read.

Does this sound like a children's fairytale to you?
Wait until you get to the part about the magic tree and the talking snake.


Anonymous said...

i always wonder what if religion and science are both correct and the big bang was just conception as an egg was fertilized and we are all part of a much larger being. That would imply that we have a father whose image we were created in, the only question is what that multiverse body looks like.

Ralph Henry said...

The "what if "game only works if you carefully consider imperial evidence. Otherwise it's an exercise in fantasy.
What if we, humans, are not capable of figuring it all out...yet. What if the evidence shows that man is very, very good at just making shit up to explain things that are problematic. But we can break that chain of bullshit with a very complicated game of "prove it".

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