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Friday, August 18, 2017

FRIDAY #3160

One Of My Very Own...

Let's try that again...

Little Big Town: “Girl Crush” 

Fuck this bastard.

You want to end racism? Bring back mandatory military service.

Remember when these magnificent bastards, the Tuskegee Airmen, showed everyone in the world what competence looked like?

But there are much funner ways to deal with the problem...
Bloody brilliant!

Here's another way to react...
That's the way white people react to Black Lives Matter...until they block the interstate when you're on the way to work.

Please help me.
Has anyone ever heard of this happening?

Every voicemail message I've ever made sounds like English is my second language.


A very large crowd gathers to see the last lawful hanging in Clarendon, Texas in 1910. The convicts name was G.R. Miller who had killed 1 boy and wounded another after they annoyed him during a train ride. This was massive news at the time as executions by hanging was being replaced and thousands witnessed his death.

An alligator farm in Los Angeles, California, USA in 1925. This was a common tourist attraction until around 1957 as injuries and incidents showed Alligators are not a good animal to interact with random untrained people. There is no protective glass separating the Alligators.

Same Alligator farm also in 1925. I felt these 2 pictures were so unreal I had to add them both.


A German woman burning tons of legal paper money during the hyperinflation of German currency in the 1920s. The paper money was cheaper than wood or coal, and families used it to fuel their fires during the crisis.
Note: Devaluating you currency is about the only option when you were forced to pay war reparations after WWI. 

A United Baseball League game taking place in 1918. Notice all 3 players are wearing flu masks as the Spanish Flu was reeking havoc on the world, killing anywhere between 50-100 million people worldwide (3-5% of the worlds population) and infecting around 500 million (25% of the worlds population) in just 2 years.


At the ripe age of 137, White Wolf also known as Chief John Smith is considered the oldest Native American to have ever lived, 1785-1922.

Note: I have my doubts. Are you telling me that a primitive tribe in 1785 kept accurate records of a child's birth date? I think not.


1953 Gaitan Auto-Tri 125cc front wheel drive.

Note: Reminds me of my cart...had it been designed by Buck Rogers.

A woman at the beach in France in 1925.
Note: Absolutely beautiful.


High on PCB Rodney King gets his assed kicked.
Then all hell broke loose.

Koreans were targeted because in the months preceding Rodney King's beating a half dozen or so black shoplifters had been shot dead by Korean business owners.
The Koreans fought back, somethings with tragic results.

They couldn't put out the first because the fire trucks were shot at.
With the absence of law enforcement, people did what people always do.
Thigh Master?

It took the army to regain control.

"Why can't we all just get along?"
- Rodney King

The damage was measured in square miles.


That was a staged photo.

Somebody's grandmother.

Irish women's boxing champion Elsie Connor, 1931.

Photoshop Fun


I spend more time than is healthy wondering what various women taste like.


Clown car accident in Europe...

But wait, there more...

I spent a couple of weeks in Puerto Rico and watched people do shit like all day everyday.

I wasn't going to post that until my friend at the bar looked at it and said, "He looks like every cook in every Waffle House in America."


Why, lord, why?

Last night I got in an argument with my wife that went so badly that I ended up apologizing for the Salem Witch Trials.






I love my wife more than North Koreans are forced to love Kim Jung Un.





Anonymous said...

You want to end racism? Bring back mandatory military service."
Seriously...you want the idiots in DC having life and death control over us.
We haven't had a justifiable war since WWII.

Ralph Henry said...

Misspoke. There are many kinds of service requiring working with other races besides military. Think WPA.

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