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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


One Of My Very Own



Messi with a hat trick for Argentina. What a guy.
USA derailed. Damn. This is a fucking embarrassment. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I am dumbfounded. Trinidad with nothing to play for, but they played a stellar game.
I, however, have other teams to root for now, and that is every team in our group: Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rico. I truly hope one of our neighbors wins it all.

Sometimes I'm mad, but sometimes I'm not.......as mad.


Please take long enough to appreciate the nuances.

I have collected a couple of such box art.
This one made by an extraordinary woman.
It's not really a box, but almost.

This is my favorite piece of art that I have ever acquired. 

As I hope you know by now, I am a very huge fan of juxtaposition and the absurd.
My first foray into box art was more along the lines of preserving artifacts. Such as...

Titled "Two Feet of Nails," that piece was accepted into a juried show in Washington.

This reads "Padded Leather Covering Worn on the Hand While Boxing.

And it contains...

Then I started creating "fake" artifacts.

I've found that giving items number (or names) makes it more special.

This next one was a criticism of a local art critic who once described a painting of mine as "A bloody bed sheet."
That critic's name was Martha Beaver...honest.

This was originally a display box for the types of pies a diner served that day.

I have several Morse Code keys that are connected to each other, but not to the outside world.
You can't see it, but there is a drawing of a beaver on the back wall.
I found this later and it's about as absurd as that last one of mine.

It Took a Dad 2.5 Years + Heart And Kidney Failure To Paint This, And You Have To See It In Full Size To Really Appreciate It

But it's not Box Art. It's a painting.

Remember this?


Technically, I spend all day getting ready for bed.


A tidy little thumb-fired .22lr pen gun made from hexagonal steel.

I'm assuming you just pull back the spring and load it again. I like it.

Here's another.

"I own this gun, and it is superb. 12 calibers in-one it provides the most versatility of any firearm," said the guy who posted this.
I have no idea how you change the calibers.

If you know anything about guns you will immediately recognize how great this is.

Deck stairs that also accommodate the disabled. 

Fence so can't see ball while between trees and can't tie himself up.


Reminds me of the restaurant/bar in Germany where you could change the tint of the lamp on the table from green to red - green telling the waitress you are good, red meaning you need assistance.

This young woman has figured out how to establish her dominance over all young men by feigning loathing at them for staring at her near perfect mammary organs.

Please, for the sake of sanity, think about your position on this matter.
Get yourself together, women, then come back and talk to me.

Why haven't we seriously considered the possibility that all watermelons are hollow until we open them?


That stone had probably remained idle, deep under the soil for millions of years. Then without fanfare...splat. It deserves fanfare by god!

A young male, raising insurance premiums for us all.


Hold still kid, I can fix that cow lick.

Movie: Man crash lands on a distant planet and wants desperately to get off.

He goes exploring and when he gets back the computer voice gives him the bad news.
That's right...he left the motor running.

I've mentioned before that I put myself through undergraduate and graduate school as a bar tender, then bar owner. Early in my career a regular customer brought his 8 year old son and that kid took one look at my huge handlebar mustache and said, "You look like a catfish."
Everyone laughed, then someone said, "Hey, Catfish, bring me another beer." I totally ignored him. This happened over and over with other customers joining in. I ignored them all until they used my real name. 
That was rather clever of me, in that if I had let them get away with it, my nickname to this day would have been catfish.

Speaking of...
It was stated that this was a pet goldfish released into to lake.

I'm the Ayatollah of the Remote Controlah.


Look, if you think all mankind's troubles began when a rib woman was talked into eating a magic fruit by a talking snake, then, seriously, how smart can you be?



Just saw a T-shirt with STAY WOKE printing in large letters. I asked one of my young friends what it was about and learned it had to do with being alert of things going on. So I said, "So, it's situational awareness for stupid people." And he said, "Exactly."

Fusion Energy...we still seek any means possible to achieve enough cheap heat to boil water to make steam to turn turbines to make electricity. That reminds me of the tweaking of the internal combustion engine, or the small innovations in attaching twigs to make housing. I think by now we should be way ahead of all that.

Raccoons are the crackheads of the animal kingdom.


My bride mimicking a Saudi driver.







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