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Friday, February 2, 2018


One Of My Very Own

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The Dead South - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company


She gets kind of nude.

Last chance to get a photo of yourself in...I start the One Of My Very Owns using them soon. Don't miss the fun. I think they will be a hoot.

Nine months from now -- when there's a baby boom in Hawaii -- you'll know who took the incoming missile warning seriously.



Within reason, everyone has to get up every morning and go do something to earn money so they can feed, clothe and shelter themselves and their family.
Some people are better than others at their chosen profession.
That looks like it would be harder to do wrong than do it right.

I admire people who spent a lot of time and thought on preparing food, and have no problem calling it culinary arts...an art you digest.
Presentation is a large part of their job.

I would think new and improved ideas is also an important part...the novelty of it all.

The honing of one's skills is vital in any job.

Somebody has to take care of animals who, for whatever reason, are kept captive by man.

These caregivers are certifiably insane and steps should be taken to protect them from themselves.

Sports can be fun, but when you do it professionally it's just another job.

This is Leslie Munoz, a gymnast/acrobat/performance artist, and this is really how she how she stretches!
I wonder if she ever needs any help with that.

It seems that every kid wants to be a pro athlete when they grow up.
But his reaction reminds me of me watching porn and the camera switches to guy's face.

But the chances of any given child becoming a pro is infinitesimally small.
I'm having a little trouble figuring out what exactly is happening with the background in that clip.

Humans need a lot of protection, and there are people whose job it is to keep us and ours safe. I salute these people.

They will even protect you when you don't want them to.

This police officer walks in on an armed robbery and if I'm not mistaken, simply shoots them.

Medical staff...I mean damn.
They must have seen shit that would give the rest of us nightmares for life.

As much as I hate war, I admire the warrior.

I would think acting is fun.
Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill dancing to James Brown. Something you don't see every day.
But what most people, even me, forget is that most times there is shoot after shoot of the same scene and anyone would hate that part.

There are few industries that bring more pleasure than porn.

The contribution of STEM professions can not be overstated.

I was a facilitator; teaching the leaders of tomorrow. A more worthy task I can't fathom.
Here's how I decided to teach:

Summer job as a teenager was as a life guard. Got drafted by the staff to teach beginner swimmers. 24 very young kids, one a retarded kid. The parents were seated just outside the chain link fence watching my every move. I thought them everything I knew. How to swim with their faces down, then turn it to get air. How the arm arches over and the cupped fingers enter the water first. The kicking legs are unbent at the knees. They all learned to swim from one end of the pool to the other and back in two weeks...all except the retarded kid. But when I apologized to the mother for my failure, she just smiled and said, "My child now knows what to do enough so that he doesn't drown. You are a great teacher." And that was the exact moment I knew I wanted to teach children.

Speaking of...
When rising after a deep ocean dive, is it true that you should not rise faster than your bubbles? Just wondering.

So you're telling me, in the office Clark Kent never took off his glasses to rub his eyes?


Most of these will speak for themselves.


This is an extraordinary image.

Thin line between art and craft.

You know how I feel about stonework.
That's extraordinary.

I like installations.
I'm thinking black Shotcrete, gunite or sprayed tinted concrete.

I think the middle-aged woman in black was in charge.

Traditional method of making Chinese art paper for traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy.
That is a very long gif to have loaded properly.
I had to watch it several times to understand.

Vendel era helmet and replica of the same helmet.

Tattoos of Art
But are the tattoos art themselves? Sure why not.

This is probably paint instead of permanent ink, but I like it very much.

Christian Thee
He lives in my town. He started off as a set designer for Broadway, then later painted murals. Very, very professional murals.
And his name is amazing...like a word picture or something.


Hanging at the Gemäldegalerie art museum in Berlin, Germany, is an unusual painting. Measuring 64 inches by 46 inches, this 16th century oil-on-oak-panel painting is populated by a swarm of miniature men, women, children and animals performing a range of extraordinary and bizarre acts—two men defecating out of a window, a man biting into a wooden pillar, another man banging his head against a wall, a man burying a calf, a man attempting to scoop up spilled porridge, and a woman tying into a bundle what appears to be the devil. You may want to enlarge or zoom in.

This odd artwork was made by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, who was one of the most significant Dutch artist of the Renaissance. Titled Netherlandish Proverbs, the painting is actually a literal illustration of more than one hundred Dutch language proverbs and idioms. The painting was original called, “The Blue Cloak” or “The Folly of the World”, indicating that Bruegel intended not just to illustrate proverbs, but rather to illustrate the universal stupidity of man. Many of the proverbs featured focus on the absurdity of human behavior. Other more serious ones illustrate the dangers of folly, which leads to sin.

What it looks like when you swing a string of glow sticks with burning steal wool at the end.

How you gonna accidentally send an inbound missile warning to everyone in Hawaii by "pressing the wrong button"? I had to click "Are you sure you want to do this"; verify my thumbprint; and solve an algebra equation just to unsubscribe from the Mr. Belvedere fan club newsletter.



I bet that hurt. Fleeing felon is not a fun game to play.






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The old couple walking by the fence reminds me of your murals.

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