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Saturday, April 18, 2020


One Of My Very Own





The look on her face...

 This is what that refers to...

The long con April Fool's prank...

"Last May I had open heart surgery and ended up in a coma. My wife posed for this photo, edited it, and then sent it to me, saying "look, the reason you got better was an alien healed you........ APRIL FOOL'S!""
Props to her for sitting on this joke for 11 months just to make a cheesy prank.

Also, I'm glad we both have the same dark and strange sense of humor.


The Look she gives you 5 minutes into Curl and Chill.



Miss Takeseveryinstructionliterally



A male bee's testicles explode during sex and kill him. That means if you see a bee flying around chances are that that loser is still a virgin.



When the thief becomes the hero

Drones in fire fighting

It just occurred to me that the cable could deliver not only water but also electricity.

The downside of animals returning to the cities...


Don't tell me money can't buy happiness.

JFK smiling at a woman flashing him...
 It was a ruse that got me to enlarge until I found this...

While I was in high school I got a summer job in a warehouse and changed lightbulbs just like that from time to time.

Remodeling my whole house I took one room at a time. The kitchen was the only room that frightened me. I had a big hole in my house and the amount of work it would require frightened me.



Rainbow island in Iran


A bird just hit the edge of the map.




How many communions do you have to do before you've eaten a whole Jesus?



Vector thrust

You know your Kmart is going under soon when they start to sell their mannequins.





Some online purchases you can make...


Finally! A machine that cuts bread like my wife cuts it at home.

Dumbbell training for a Soviet BT-5 tank


 Wrong Hole


Goldilocks wasn't a stranger to the younger bear who had been hooking up with her for a while. He let his parents maul her because it was less embarrassing than explaining why she was in his bed.





Racism = Hating one of these dogs because of its color.













Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: In the real world of my and I, Teresa would be my mother- in-law.
However, since that was not an option, I must guess that I am Teresa's Daughter.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: Answer = Uncle Ralph?
Actually, the answer is "Daughter".

Steve said...

Puzzle: C-Daughter

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