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Thursday, April 30, 2020


One Of My Very Own





That kid is rather famous on the internet.

This kid should also be famous on the internet...


It's so hard to predict the future. After our moon landings, we all predicted bases all over the solar system.


That is a good daddy.

I lost my virginity at the end of Snow White.

If the Ninja Turtles are from New York why does Michelangelo talk with a California accent?



Wanking is now considered 'exercise'.



The tiny island of Lítla Dímun is often crowned with its own individual cloud.



Victorian mourning ring with glass eye of the deceased, ca. 1890.


The source of the Cetina river in Croatia

I found this very interesting.


The amazing camouflage of the Mossy Leaf-Tailed gecko.

I found the leaf very interesting. I'm assuming its presence changed the chemical makeup of the glaze.


I missed what the lower hand is doing the first time.


I hate this pandemic. If I wanted to waste my early 20s I would have gotten married.




What Year Is The Truck That Will Get Impaled By This Forklift?
A. 2009
B. 1998
C. 2020
D. Hell, I don't know. 
 D. Hell, I don't know.


The mask is upside down.

Disney tried editing out Darryl Hannah's butt by giving her a longer hair for the Disney+ release of Splash. The results are awful.

Here are some individual frames:



Who tries to do a thing like that? 

Why wouldn't he pull in front of the truck and slow down?
Why would he still follow so closely behind with disaster imminent?
How is it possible that a truck can reach highway speeds in that configuration? A simple microswitch would solve the problem.

I thought at first that he was lifting litter, but now I think he's getting his keys which are attached to a float like many boaters have.
Probably prudent in a city of canals. 


I've done that. She could have just wiped her tongue and lips on her sleeve.

He took a flash-bang right in the canucks on live TV...


This little girl is showing grandma how much she likes her meatloaf...
What with STAYTHEFUCKATHOME the quality of my cheap wine has gotten barely tolerable. The first sip out of the last box had me looking just like that little girl - true.

daughter: there’s a monster under my bed
me: why do you think that?
daughter: because when I stick my foot out of the cover the monster grabs it.
me: [to son] have you been hiding under your sister’s bed?
son: *sighs* yes

me: did you see a monster under there?




That's one hell of a kick!


Said to be the first fight ever to be captured on-camera...


Fucker gets road rage on a bumper car ride...
 Chill, dude. Damn.
Maybe he shat himself.

Let's get the new guy to do it...



Negative, Ghost Rider, the Pattern is Full.

Did you notice the tail propeller? It seemed to have worked.




Trump supporter? 







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