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Tuesday, April 7, 2020


One Of My Very Own





We need to be reminded of those people from time to time. And there are those who think that Trump is unweird. Go figure.

My first taxidermy project...I think I did pretty good.



Inside Russian hospitals.

 They are not abandoned...or so I'm told.

I would have bet money that after watching this scene that Dan was going to commit suicide.
Speaking of...

An observation:
For years I sat on the same stool in the American Legion every afternoon. From time to time a man who more or less looked like the guy in the picture above would walk in the bar and ask for help for a fellow veteran. There was always a real veteran to ask he guy questions like this:
What unit were you in?
101st Airborne.
Where were you stationed?
Right outside Hue.
I served in the 101st and none of us were ever stationed outside Hue. Now you better leave before one of these real warriors gets pissed.

I've heard dozens of such exchanges.


 My friend (an X-ray tech) started dating a new guy and frankly, I don't know what she sees in him.



 Her heels make it look like she has peg legs.



Vittorio Reggianini excelled in showing the shine of cloth.

That lady was the God figure in the book...
 That book was so bad I told my first wife that I could write a book better than that. She said, "Why don't you?"
So I did...12 of them to be exact.
How bad was the book? He had a handyman build an atomic bomb. There was also a guy who siphoned gas out of an underground tank.


This took me a doubletake...


Baptism done right.


🎶I wanna hold your ham...🎶



 I'm watching a lot of videos about ancient Rome and one thing that kills me every time is one historical figure getting mad at another and having to sustain that anger for several months as they travel across Italy to confront them.




If there is no way to flatten the hump at the track crossing then they should have "warning humps" prior to getting to the track. That way each trucker would know if they can clear the tracks.



This advertisement for a dentist.
How clever. 

Tip: If your grandma has an old edition of Joy of Cooking, you might need the squirrel recipe soon.

 Just something else to worry about.












Scott James said...

Puzzle time = 30 balls.
It is obviously a square base. 16+9+4+1 =30

Anonymous said...

quick 9 second scan tells me 30 balls.

Anonymous said...

I think 20 is also a possibility

a "pyramid" with a triangular base, with 10 on the first layer, 6 on the second, 3 on the third, and one on top. This arrangement would still give a 4:3:2:1 face on each visible face.

however, the front view in puzzle time has the visible edges of the bottom layer in what appears to be a 90-degree orientation, so it is likley a square base with 30 total.

Dr. WeTodd said...

Quick 1 second scan tells me that 95% get this wrong

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