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Friday, May 22, 2020

FRIDAY #4167

One Of My Very Own




Several reposts today. Times are tough for bloggers also.























Except for that last one also brings bills. 


I didn't know it left.




So far I’ve gained 20 pounds of pure muscle. It used to belong to pigs though, and something got lost in translation.




I always thought that runner was a guy with long hair but she has on a sports bra. 

Oh, shit. 


[verification needed]

There are two kinds of women in the world.
 And my wife...

I found those halfhearted flop attempts to get off the rail hilarious.

How good is your memory?


I remember getting shot in the eye by a BB gun and wondering what my guide dog's name would be.


Monkey on her back - literally.

[verification needed]
Well, I found this and they look similar.
I think it is just playing.

16th Century Italian fireplace
Take a nap on the couch and wake up to that. Damn.

Guys will understand.




I don’t care how poorly they do, I’m giving my kids straight A’s cause I’m not repeating this shit again next year.



Fingers of a gorilla with pigmentation defect. 
I have uncles with fingers less attractive than that.

Epoxying the floor...
Did you notice that they walked on the wet paint? Probably wearing shoes with pointed cleats.

You rarely see classical paintings with people smiling - The art of Francisco Soria Aedo
Imagine holding that pose for a few days. 

For many more images.


Snow blowing off the Matterhorn...

I've often wondered about the P-51 air scoop. I asked you guys one time and one of you told me it was to cool down the motor. I still didn't understand how the air got from the scoop to the motor. Come to find out the radiator is inside that scoop and not only does the air cool the coolant but is heated enough to exit as a crude jet engine. But it was its Achilles Heel in Korea since even small ground fire could bring it down. 

Every kid in America tried to get a child's priced ticket even when we were too old. 

I can only relate when I wrote the last check for my mortgage and my house belonged to me. 

The clothing of the Bronze-Age teenager called Egtved Girl has been dated to 1370 BC. National Museum of Denmark.


Rocket salvo from an F-100 Super Saber including the target's perspective.
Probably 2.75 rockets and they have a heck of a punch for their size. 

Why are we ON a train...
 ON a plane...
 And ON a ship...
 But we are  IN a car?
Maybe it has to do with getting out. Only in the car can you get in and out as you please.
Also, when you use a phone you are ON the phone, but you are not ON a chainsaw or ON a drill or other tools. But you are ON a computer.
Who makes these rules?

Some of history's most unusual deaths
 George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence, 1478, drowned in wine.
This 28-year-old Duke was 'privately executed' inside the Tower of London. He was found guilty of treason against his Kingly brother Edward IV. Rumour has it that instead of the usual demise for such a heinous crime, George was offered the choice of how he wished to die. The Duke elected to be drowned in a butt (between 450 - 1000 liters) of white wine.
 King Alexander I of Greece, 1920. Killed by the wrong monkey.
At the King's palace, the steward of the palace grapevine owned a pet Barbary Macaque. One day the King was walking his German Shepherd and his pooch and the monkey got into a bit of a tussle. The King stepped in to separate the animals when suddenly a completely different monkey appeared and bit him in the leg and torso.
The King let things slide, thinking nothing of the wounds. His injuries became infected, he quickly developed sepsis and died.
 The entire Bena Tshadi football (soccer) team, 1998, struck by a single bolt of lightning.
In 1998, Congo's eastern province of Kasai, Ben Tshadi were playing against the visiting team Basanta. At some point during the game, a bolt of lightning flashed across the pitch. It killed every single one of the 11 players for Ben Tshadi. Oddly, none of the opposing team were harmed, other injuries consisting of a few light burns.
 John of Bohemia, 1346, died in battle.
John of Bohemia died in the Battle of Crécy. The strangeness comes from the fact he fought that battle after being completely blind for the preceding 10 years. He ordered his mounted men to lash their horses to his so he could be guided into battle, where he died
In perhaps one of the most badass moments in history, when implored to retreat, King John exclaimed...
"Far be it that the King of Bohemia should run away! Instead, take me to the place where the noise of the battle is the loudest! The Lord will be with us. Nothing to fear. Just take good care of my son."
 Archduchess Mathilde of Austria, 1864, died hiding a cigarette.
In 1864, this 18-year-old took a not-so-innocent trip to the theatre. She was forbidden to smoke, so she was having a sneaky cigarette where her father couldn't see. Her father, though, suddenly arrived. Mathilde hurried to hide her cigarette behind her, setting her highly flammable gauze dress ablaze, covering her in 3rd-degree burns.
 Frank Hayes, 1924, died winning a horse race.
This New York jockey had never won a race in his life. That is until one fateful day in June when Hayes suffered a cardiac arrest in the middle of a race. His horse continued with him dead on it's back, eventually winning.
Saint Lawrence, 258CE, cooked.
This martyr died in Rome after being persecuted by Emperor Valerian. His punishment was to be cooked alive. Supposedly Lawrence laughed and joked during his painful ordeal. At one point he asked his torturers to turn him over and cook the other side as "this side is done".
Lawrence is today considered the patron saint of chefs and comedians.










 Fix it.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: the student is right. Teacher related time to pieces rather than time to cuts.
I had a similar issue when a math teacher told my child (and me) that 3 to the power of zero was zero. I had to go to tbe school and write the proof on the chalk board, and she still didnt get it

Anonymous said...

Three to the power of zero is -3.

Anonymous said...

B9: Nice slow-mo of a dark-sucker-upper just as it gets full of dark. If you weigh a dark-sucker-upper when it is new, and then again when it is full of dark, it weighs the same. That's how we know that dark has no mass.

Fardygardy said...

anything to the power of zero is 0ne (1)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Fardy. You are correct. Pretty sure the -3 guy is just messing with us.

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