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Saturday, May 16, 2020


One Of My Very Own





 Those nostrils look familiar...


Saturn's moon, Enceladus
Water volcanoes tell us there's a liquid ocean under the ice.

Solar corona's most detailed depictions in this HDR image taken while Solar Eclipse in 2017

Do you think it spends all day climbing up there just for a couple of seconds of glee?

Said to be bloodwood.

Whatever it is it is beautiful.

Incredible lightning display as seen from Space.


Finally found a gif of that aircraft equipped with contra-rotating propellers.


Oto Melara 76mm

Does anyone have any more information on this?

The Carters have been married 73 years, the longest in US presidential history.


Works great. Do you suppose he has to sharpen those teeth every night?

 9 inches


A Real-Life Creature Known As A Sea Angel
 Did you see a face?
 A human face?
 Reminds me of these guys...


One time I had an MRI and the neurologist said I had a nice looking brain and every time I have a good idea I think of this.



What's wrong with your sandwich?

 And they intend to keep it that way.

But the dog has learned that if he follows the shadow then the disc will follow. 

My wife...


Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.



That time Drew Carey got sack tapped...


My father had no sense of humor. My mother, however, was a riot.  



And if that is not, in fact, factually correct don't let a few facts get in the way of a good story.  



I thought 2020 was just going to be a bunch of bad eyesight jokes but no it’s much worse.



Monkey see monkey do...
But what it learned is to shit in a white bowl...

 Any white bowl...
 Yes, way.




It seems that every movie has someone using a sheet rope to escape...

I once had a character who had to get out of a hospital and toyed with a sheet rope. Then I just had him explaining that he was once in a burning building and was terrified of upper floors. Then he just jumped out the second-floor window. It's 20 feet off the ground, but if you hang from the window you reduce it to 12 or so feet which is manageable.

What a nightmare.

As I understand it, in India theft of electricity right off the pole is rampant. 

Or that 33% thought it could be an odd number.

Not to brag, but I am very good at crosswords. I have found two errors in two New York Times crosswords.  

Thomas Jefferson's bed.
It was stated that it separated his office from the living areas of the house. 

AJ's Bar is in Olean, NY. The walls are covered in postcards from all over the world but the only address is:

Apparently, there is only one Olean in the world so somehow it gets to the town, then the local postmaster knows where it goes. 

A guy hit a cow that had wandered onto the highway.  Luckily he walked away with only a broken thumb but the car wasn't so lucky.

Now imagine hitting a beast twice a big...


When isolation is over, we should all be allowed to commit one (1) crime since we’ve technically already served the time for it.



And the bike path could very easily swerve around the tree between the other smaller tree.  

Not only the stairs but the sidewalk! 

Maybe, maybe not. He could be as lucky as these smucks...


He let the tiller hit the fence. 

One of Michael Jackson's dancers gets stuck on the shoe nail in 'Smooth Criminal' (The one on the right) 

He yells in it first. Do you think the vibrations created static electricity?  

Okay, that was pure dumb luck, but this next one should never be allowed to happen...








NOTE: I have listened to my first wife, a classical pianist, practice that piece for hours a day for weeks and weeks.

You deserve to see that with a few more pixels...


 Here's that snake from yesterday.


Larry said...

You do know that’s an electric fly swatter he is licking......

Chuck said...

D7 Battery powered bug zapper

Ralph Henry said...

I did not know that. Thanks.

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