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Sunday, May 3, 2020

SUNDAY #4147

One Of My Very Own







Once upon a time in Hong Kong...
Same back page news now like Ukraine. Bummer. 


I lost my virginity with a girl who was wearing those through the whole ordeal. 

The Moon From Two Hemispheres, Britain and Australia
I've never really thought of that.


A few British thoughts on Trump

- And this is the way they finished up -

Here's how to get to the whole thing...kind of long:


From comment:
"Not to pee on anyone’s parade but history is what I study and this meme floating around has a bit of a too compressed timeline regarding renaissance starting directly after... the Black Death peaked in the mid 14th c, which is between 100-150 years before the Renaissance.
"It’s true that the people got a better life afterward...but it was due to the radical lesser amount people who they no longer needed to share resources with; the whole feudal system took a plummet when the workers suddenly could demand better pay, living standards and the opportunity to choose between generous offers from the different landowners. Farmer uproars and huge changes set most of Europe’s poorest into a new lifestyle. (Except Eastern Europe who hasn’t been hit as hard, they got it worse)."

Freedom means freedom from domination or it means nothing. Our economic system is literally built on the domination of the working class to maximize worker insecurity to control the labor market. 

Fuck racist Nazi bastards. 

That's the left path.


I had a lot of stuff to do today. Now I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow.



How he do dat?

Russia or Arkansas. 

An oil rig in stormy seas.
Where the hell is the stable platform on which sits the camera? 


Any ideas of what we are being warned?
Do not ingest a handgranade?

Flap Check and Takeoff...
Someone's getting a freedom delivery. 

A haunted tunnel in Indiana that was built in 1859.
They say it was dug under a cemetery. Legend says that while digging the tunnel caskets would fall through and that ghosts haunt this place.

Visualizing a whip breaking the speed of sound in slow motion.
(Source: Smarter Every Day)
Schlieren photography allows us to see the movement of air which, in turn, allows us to see sound waves. 


 ^^B10^^                    **IKIARBISW

This device gets exact measurements for people being fitted for prosthetics.



Sometimes I blow on my ice cream before I take a bite.  I have no idea why.



Slowly and carefully...

Talk about telegraphing the climax...


Is this the same girl?


What Does His Girlfriend Do Next?

A. Throws water on him.
B. Sets him on fire.
C. Pushes the cigarette into his mouth.
D. Kiss him tenderly.
 B. Sets him on fire...of course.


"Fetch me my brown trousers."

God answered his prayers and god said: "Fuck you."

Is there a Darwin Award for these "power of faith protects me" preachers?
"The power of Christ compels you!"

Who causes the structure to collapse?
A. The guy in the white shirt.
B. The guy in the black shirt.
C. The cat.
D. The falling ceiling fan. 
A. The guy in the white shirt.


Imagine finding your soulmate and discovering they are a pen-clicker.





The skill to flood a couple of basements...

Police called ... late-night noise complaint ..“Half-court shot ... and you can stay .. but quiet down.”



UNO reverse card...



It's called Fiddling for Worms. The vibrations draw the worms to the surface.

The real skill lies in the cameraman.











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one quadrillion

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Who gives a shit what the Brits think? They need to fix their own country.

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“Ate”. Lol

Actually, one quadrillion

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