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Sunday, May 10, 2020

SUNDAY #4154

One Of My Very Own







Orcas are scary as hell...

African Silverbill, Gouldian Finch



A salt lake in Siwa Oasis, Egypt


 I was thinking I had seen a snake do that before then it hit me...

Somewhat inclement weather...

Aardvark enjoying his meal.
Do you think it's ant flavored?


Around a third (42%) of parenting is pretending you understand your child’s homework.






I’ve officially kept my first child alive for more than 24 hours. 

Burrito for scale.


You would think there would be a way to automatically put on the parking brake when the driver exited the vehicle. 

Did you read the truck?

All us men are the same.


And here I was thinking "Hey, he actually just did it".
Look at her foot.







It Was At This Moment He Knew He Had Fucked Up!!!



“It’s 10 o’clock somewhere”- me justifying why I’m going to bed before sunset.




Powerful cartoon by Brian Gable about the mass shooting in Nova Scotia

A pallet buster.
 Pallets are free. I've dismantled a ton of them. Apparently, it is more expensive to ship it back to the factory than just buying a new one.

Our economics clearly doesn't work. 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

That's called pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. I just wonder why big corporations can't do it in times of crisis.

 "Saksaywaman: These stacked stones and boulders sit outside Peru, and fit together so well without mortar that it's impossible to get anything between two of the stones."
But I read the research that stated one of the explanations is that they have a shitload of stones to choose from. They more or less choose a stone that fits the space it is meant to fill, then very little modification is needed.
Not everything was done by aliens.
Yonaguni Monument: There is still debate on whether or not this huge underwater structure was man-made or somehow natural forming. It sits off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan and contains flat edges as well as 90-degree angles. 
These things, in various scales, are all over the world and absolutely natural.



The latest medical advice is that people for whom this is relevant shouldn’t touch either of their two faces.



You could make one of those during STAYTHEFUCKATHOME.

 And that's why it's good to have a ground man...a good ground man.

 I thought he was wearing a flesh-colored mask.

His face would be right at breast level during sex. Think about that.

No all heroes wear...shoes...


Took it like a champ... 
It's called stoicism.
The opposite of that...

"Dad, Emma Watson is coming, don't look weird."


Have you ever wanted something much more than you needed it?

And it talks to you!
It's from a movie. Drat!

 Watch very carefully.
The gif that ends too soon!



 That sprinkler put the fires out instantly!









Scott James said...

Puzzle time: Foriegn Policy

Anonymous said...

The last GrabBag link....I'm really diggin his playing style.

Kranky Old Guy said...

-- When yer nose to nose, yer toes is in it, and when yer toes to toes, yer nose is in it.

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