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Sunday, May 17, 2020

SUNDAY #4161

One Of My Very Own




Kim Jong-un walking with a pet...



How clever.

Flying Nun?

We had those when I was in college in the 70s but they got that way because we were too poor to buy new ones. True.

How Canadians feel about Canada...




Bavarian Minister-President subtly clarifies the pecking order in a press conference. 

I so want that to be true.

Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil, and don't rape anybody.




At this point, I only practice good personal hygiene based on how I would want my body to be found.




This pockets thing has been going on a long time...


It is beautiful but it looks heavy.

Ever wonder what a hedgehog skeleton looks like?
I didn't know that.

I didn't know that. 

As a man who has...distributed hundreds of keys, I wonder if they found one of mine. 

I'll just be damned! That is the second similar scenario we've seen and I'm beginning to have my doubts. Number one among them is the fact that both dogs did not eat whatever it is in their mouths. I have had a lot of dogs and none of them have ever kept a piece of food in their mouths. They either wolf it down or spit it out immediately.

Ironized yeast. Yeah, that'll do it.



"One pastor confessed privately to the author that he had a hard time preaching about heaven because it sounded like a tedious and boring place, more hellish than exciting."

Join the circus see the world...


Remember this?

Don't give up on it too soon.

Genie: *facepalm* And your final wish?
Me: To not have Alzheimer's anymore
*looks at two-lifetime supplies of skittles*

Genie: Probably should have opened with that.

I wonder how many people will get that.




How can this even happen?!
 But why is it being filmed?

Probably just burn the place down, right?? 

Seriously, what the fuck is that?

"Good buy, Miss Kitty, have a nice life."

Did you notice that the truck didn't even pull off the road?
I'll say again - How come I've never seen that in real life? 

A child could predict this ending...
Why didn't they just drive toward one another? But the guy in the white T-shirt has excellent situational awareness.

Why did the back window go dark if the roof is laying on the highway? 


I think they do that all the time. 


Is she knocked out or did she die of embarrassment?


At 10.8 MB this is the largest file I have ever tried to upload. If it doesn't work here's the link...the look on his face is worth it. 

"That's some serious shit right there!!"
You can click on the link to hear that redneck.
Please let me know if you have any trouble seeing that.










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Fardygardy said...

C6: we experienced a runaway tire in North Carolina on that stretch of interstate hwy north of Charlotte., which was under construction. Traffic was slowed and very busy, when a huge truck tire passed us on the right (between the left and right lanes), and rolled for easily 400 yards before veering to the left, somehow going between cars and into the torn up construction median, where it rolled for another 60-80 yards before bouncing onto its side. amazing. and me without a dash cam.

C8: the window gets dark because of automatic light adjustment in the dash cam. Since the car interior is darker then outside the light is correct for interior lighting and the outside seems overexposed. When the top, comes off, there is now more bright light than dark and the camera automatically adjusts for the brightness, and the interior becomes darkened. note the scenery is now visible and no longer overexposed.

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