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Thursday, May 28, 2020


One Of My Very Own




[verification received]
Waste to energy incineration: These plants are all over the USA as well. They are no longer uncommon. Instead of landfilling waste, they landfill the ash. At one time, people all took their trash to the local dump. Then to the local landfilll. Now it goes to a transfer station which sorts recycleables, and sends the household garbage for incineration. But there are issues with incineration as well (Nothing is ever free):
Medical waste can create dioxin
Tires can produce ash laden with metals from the wires in the belting
Construction waste (old homes) can be a source of lead (paint), cadmium and arsenic (treated lumber)

But does the US generate electricity from the incineration?


[verification needed]

The caption for this said it was a vine that looks like a tree...
It looks like someone cut it off at the base.


I didn't even know this was a thing...
I'm assuming Mexican in origin.

Speaking of propaganda...



How clever.

This guy is holding the amount of weight he has lost. From 220 lbs to 165 lbs.

Then there's this guy. He went from 468lbs to about 238lbs,  for a total of 230lbs loss.
I doubt that he can even lift the amount he lost. Amazing.
Yet he carried around that much weight every single day.

The Big-headed Turtle


Twin 20mm Vulcan gun pods firing on the F-4 Phantom II
They sent the pilots into combat without guns - thinking missiles had made guns obsolete. But the North Vietnamese pilots just popped up amidst the F-4s too close for missiles. Understandably the pilots insisted they be given guns. 

Cheetahs Inspire Faster Soft Robots

 And it got better and better...


The pilot of a cannon-armed Spitfire Mk V pulls hard on the stick to avoid the gunfire from a Bf 109 in late 1941.
"Never have so many owed so much to so few."

Men of the Royal Navy neutralize a German mine that washed ashore in early 1940.

Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) XC-142 tilt-wing prototype carries out a "dump truck drop".


Crazy how your teeth are just part of your skull hanging right out in the open before you’re even dead.



1. She shot him after he caught her cheating.
2. Who shoots people in the face anymore?
3. That woman found two men to have sex with her?

Person Of Interest Blooper

Structural details look like ears. 


 There's no mistaking this look...
A sad mix of loathing and envy.




Sending mail by a rocket...



ALWAYS use a proofreader!


Lockdown upside: I have learned how to operate the 17 remote controls for the TV.









"You're in" Danger. 

The dog drops his ball in front of the lawnmower so the guy has to pick it up and throw it. 



Yes, that is who you think it is. 


Could that possibly be true? 

All the hundreds of people who follow Folio Olio every day but have never leave a comment...

I was watching that movie when I ran across this...
They showed that movie on Mother's Day.


Social Distancing Satan Says Leave Space for Jesus!



 Past the age of 50, the struggle is real...


I think not.











Anonymous said...

20 + 20 +20 +60 x =20
20 +5 +5 + 30 y =5
5 - 2times1 = 3, z=1
x+y+z = 26

Fardygardy said...

to your waste to energy question: here's one close to me:

Anonymous said...

3(red flower) = 60; red flower = 60/3 = 20
1(red Flower) +2(blue flower = 30 ; 2(blue flower)=10; blue flower = 5
(Blue flower) - 2yellow flower) = 3; -2(yellow flower = -2 ' -yellow flower) = -1 ; yellow flower = 1
Yellow flower + red flower + Blue flower = 26.

Moral of the puzzle: Florists are happier, and symbols are irrelevant.

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