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Saturday, June 13, 2020


One Of My Very Own






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WARNING: If you send me something that you don't want to be seen in my blog you must tell me loud and clear.


 In the South we have what we call Cathead Biscuits.
So named for the size similarity.






So? It stands for "Unidentified" for a reason. And you throw the word "possibility" in anything and I stop paying attention.

Remember when we used to get upset about the government spying on us?

The most violently American photo I’ve ever taken.

Right now my wife' nightly routine is to eat dinner, have an edible, sit down and do a jigsaw puzzle until she says “I’m too high I can’t do this puzzle anymore” then she goes upstairs and gets into bed and stares at me until she starts crying because she loves me so much.






Those are discarded sneakers.


Marlboro County, Ryan Shorpsky

Rather a unique style.

Apparently he just cuts the shapes out with a knife.


I admire how when babies don't want to hold something anymore they just drop it.




Saint Underground of Moscow

Rare white hummingbird

Ann Hodges, the only human in recorded history to be hit by a METEORITE (1954).
I read that any object damaged by a meteorite sells for big bucks.
This mailbox sold for a fortune.

Not only is it real it's for sale...

Remember this?


This little old lady has a peculiar tic. She decides that some floors are impossibly slippery from time to time.

What exactly do you think this young woman does for a living?

Is it spelled titties or tiddies? I want this family newsletter to be perfect.



Puberty can hit hard.


Do you think they installed that pipe? 


Yet there are people who were so drugged up that it didn't affect them that much. 

"Where's my phone?"


The gif that keeps on giving...

Whenever I get sad I think about the time my wife called Harry Potter “Pottery Barn” by accident.



The simple yet effective nature of the anti-tank ditch demonstrated by Matilda II in Canada in 1941.

Solved by just bringing along some bundles of sticks...

Then there's this...

Skip to minute 7 is where the action starts. 
I found this exceedingly interesting.


According to the FBI, "the incredible acts of heroism by the NASCC Military Policewoman guarding the entrance to the base, saved many lives yesterday".
The active-duty U.S. Navy military police officer stationed at the Ocean Drive gate has probably checked thousands of IDs and allowed access to thousands of authorized people at NAS Corpus Christi.
On the morning of May 21, 2020 a terrorist tried to get past her. That terrorist, Adam Salem Alsahli picked the wrong gate guard to try to get past. He shot her point-blank in the chest and then attempted to drive onto the base. He didn't get far.
She took the bullet dead center in her chest but was saved by her Kevlar vest, which had steel, ceramic-coated plate over her sternum designed to protect the heart and vital organs.
The impact knocked her off of her feet however despite the obvious pain she quickly got right back up and hit the emergency button that activated a very strong pop-up barricade, which stopped and disabled the terrorist’s vehicle. Then, as he was going for a rifle he brought with him, she shot him back. He never made it past the gate as her shots killed him.





 I don't even know why that is supposed to be funny.






Anonymous said...

Puzzle Time:

Slide the horizontal match over so that it is bisected by the match on the right. Then move the match on the left so that it touches the horizontal match with it's top. Thus inverting the glass and leaving the cube to the left of the new stem.

Anonymous said...

Too many interesting posts to single any out. Thanks for a good read on
another "shut-in" day.

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