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Saturday, June 27, 2020


One Of My Very Own





Need for therapy in 5...4...3...

He must have just found out that his girlfriend's parents weren't home.

I wonder how important this was... 

Something, something pole position.



I would love to read that guy's job description.  

Girls kissing

My wife.


Chapter 1, Page 1:

So Mowgli gets straight up eaten, like, right off the bat.




At least he's getting some exercise. 

And she thinks it's safe to text and drive a very fast very heavy car.  


It is called the Bose-Einstein condensate. 
Hint: They created the coldest temperature in the universe aboard the ISS.


It's learning how to solve problems. I wonder if violence is in his menu of options.  

I will never tire of things like that.


Cinderella is my favorite story about a kingdom where no two people have the same size foot.



 I have my own ideas of the culprit...

If he did that to me I can guarantee you he wouldn't do it again.  

Super Dog.  

 It says a lot about 2020 that I'm entirely unfazed by a massive duck army.

I know I've shown you this before but I just thought of something.
Why don't they build these (or something similar) all over the Everglades to snare the invasive snakes that are taking over? 
I could see it made of plastic and mass-produced. I guess one big drawback would be other animals getting killed. 
Maybe put a game camera on it and arm it only when there's a snake?




Please don't tell me that it is merely a trick done with photoshop. If not I would really like an explanation.

Another perfect segue.

Elon Musk’s son not gonna have birthdays he’s gonna have updates.






All things Ralph...
 I found that on another blog I visit.
I take it as a compliment and thanks for the shout out.

 He pissed off a lot of people: big wine industry, big fish industry, and big boat industry.


I went into the house to tell my wife something and on the way back to my man cave I looked at the TV and saw a half dozen images like this one.
I stared at her mouth agape. She explained that those pictures were evidence in an episode of Law & Order concerning male prostitution. Yeah, sure.


Old man's shifter?

"I was in the carpool!!"
- gearshift probably





That Christians consider Trump as one of their on is profoundly confusing. 






Anonymous said...

A4 - Lost Heat Shield - "This footage was taken by NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson during a spacewalk on the International Space Station on Thursday, March 30, 2017. She was joined on the spacewalk by NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough.

The two spacewalkers reconnected cables and electrical connections on PMA-3 at its new home on top of the Harmony module. They also installed the second of the two upgraded computer relay boxes on the station’s truss and installed shields and covers on PMA-3 and the now-vacant common berthing mechanism port on Tranquility.

During the spacewalk, one of the shields was inadvertently lost. The loss posed no immediate danger to the astronauts and Kimbrough and Whitson went on to successfully install the remaining shields on the common berthing mechanism port.

A team from the Mission Control Center at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston devised a plan for the astronauts to finish covering the port with the PMA-3 cover Whitson removed earlier in the day. The plan worked, and the cover was successfully installed, providing thermal protection and micrometeoroid and orbital debris cover for the port."

Anonymous said...

Chair, reed, reed decides where to sit

Anonymous said...

puzzle time = read receipt

Anonymous said...

Puzzle: Cherry picker

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