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Sunday, June 28, 2020



 Mike Pence


 This small village in the mountains of Peru gets it.
Cause they don't have conspiracy theorists in Peru.

Please listen to these lunatics


At some point, if you are diagnosed with the virus (or for whatever the fuck reason they may make up), politicians may deem it appropriate that you wear some sort of armband, or sign - maybe even a Star of David, who knows? - so that others may know to avoid contact with you. 
Yeah, see where this can go? You may think it's far-fetched. I don't. I think these politicians think they can do whatever the fuck they want. At some point, we really do have to start fighting back. That time may well be at hand.
 How can we be so collectively stupid?
 You can't smoke in a business - not to protect you but to protect other people.
You have to wear a seatbelt.
You have to wear a shirt, pants, and shoes to enter a store.
And now you have to wear a mask. What's the big deal?





Stay safe and eat more peanut butter...crunchy.


Anonymous said...

Single payer insurance is very good IF you can ever get an appt. to see a doctor or get the surgery you need before your ailment kills you. Rationing is just great and wonderful.

Anonymous said...

If you don’t believe that Google is censoring results, today I Googled Confederate Flag selected the shopping tab and only 3 paid advertising results came up. But you can still shop on Google for all the Stars and Bars flags that you want! I am not suggesting that everyone should go out and buy a Confederate Flag, I am only pointing out that Google is censoring.

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