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Friday, July 10, 2020

FRIDAY #4216

One Of My Very Own





A guy took a trip on the tall ship, Europa, to Antarctica.




The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. 
The second best time is today. 

Every time I see tiny little villages like that I think about the pathetically small dating pools for the young people.



People who shoved their school papers in their backpack with no binder or folder, where are you now?




It’s A Literal Baguette Bag!

Bags With Human Remains Inside Discovered Along Seattle Shore
Here's disturbing news for you: bags (yes, plural) of human remains were found along the Seattle shoreline. At least one of the “several bags” was in the water according to the Seattle Police Department. Identities of the dead are unknown, along with the number of bodies involved. 

I watched Mad Max: Fury Road.
 Their gearshift was topped with the top of a femur.
 It doubled as a knife.

And this is the cane I made.

I admire photography like these...



 Yeah, I didn't believe that but it's true.

Colonel Sanders was apparently a music fan. During the late 1960s, while he still owned Kentucky Fried Chicken, he released a number of albums that were sold at his restaurants. This is one of them:

I thought these were balloons at first.

Now I'm convinced it done with a computer.
But does it bother anyone else that the tail is 90 degrees off?


From the exhibition titled "Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War" at Te Papa museum in New Zealand. Weta Workshops created these wax figures which are scaled at 2.4 times the size of a normal person.


I've begun to invest in stocks: beef, chicken, and vegetable. One day I hope to be a bouillonaire.




The Blobs Beneath Us Are Much Larger Than Previously Thought
Deep within the planet Earth, unseen by our eyes, are gigantic blobs of hot rock that extend hundreds of miles in every direction. These humongous blobs, which go by many names like "thermo-chemical piles" and "large low-shear velocity provinces" (LLSVPs) still baffle scientists up to this day. 

Using Drones To Pollinate Flowers
 Bees are one of the most important creatures on the planet, as they play a major role in helping plants grow and reproduce by pollination. And so we must protect them at all costs. But what if bees do become extinct one day? Scientists have been trying to think of alternatives to bees in case that happens. Just recently, some scientists have developed high-tech drones that blow soap bubbles to pollinate flowers.

The drift pattern of Nike shoes

In May 1990, five shipping containers holding approximately 80,000 pairs of Nike shoes fell off a freighter during a storm in the North Pacific. About 200 days later, some of these shoes began to wash up on beaches from Canada to Oregon.
But as beachcombers collected and compared the shoes, they noticed something odd. On beaches up north, in Canada and Washington, almost all the shoes were right-footed; whereas further south in Oregon, most of the shoes were left-footed.

US Army Scooters
During World War II, US Army airborne forces needed a cheap dispatch vehicle that could be easily dropped by parachute into the field. The Cushman company, then producing scooters, quickly converted its line to fill military purchase orders with the Model 53 scooter. It had a hitch to pull a model M3A4 general-purpose utility cart. By adding certain equipment, the cart could be converted to carry a .30-cal. or a .50-cal.-machine gun or an 81mm mortar, though the scooter often could not pull a heavy load. [...] Cushman made nearly 5,000 airborne scooters for the military beginning in 1944. The rugged, simple Model 53 could travel through a foot of water, climb a 25 percent grade, and had a range of about 100 miles. 

Bed & Bees (B&B) – Sleep With The Bees 
Another great thing about horizontal hives: you can sleep in them. Do you still think that bees are for making honey? I thought so too until I built myself a bee bed. I call it Bed-and-Bees or B&B and it is a long horizontal hive where you are separated from the bees by thin planks and can bathe in their warmth and vibration and smells without any danger of being stung. It will change your life forever once you experience how relaxing and soothing and healing it is. It surely changed ours! 


I put anti-vaxxers, moon landing deniers, flat-earthers, and any and all conspiracy theorist squarely in the same boat as people who don't wear a mask because "they know best."

 I watched a documentary about the moon landing being faked to get bragging rights against the Soviet Union.
But wouldn't you think if an insurance agent in Peoria could find the "evidence" then the KGB could have found it and thrown it back in America's face?

New Record Temperature Recorded in the Arctic
Verkhoyansk, Russia, is above the Arctic Circle, north of Yakutsk, and is known as the "Pole of Cold," meaning that's where the lowest temperature in the Northern Hemisphere was recorded. That would be −67.8°C (−90.0°F) in 1885. Verkhoyansk has now broken another record, as the first town above the Arctic Circle to ever record a temperature of 100°F. Alarming heat scorched Siberia on Saturday as the small town of Verkhoyansk (67.5°N latitude) reached 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, 32 degrees above the normal high temperature. If verified, this is likely the hottest temperature ever recorded in Siberia and also the hottest temperature ever recorded north of the Arctic Circle, which begins at 66.5°N. 


I just want the confidence of the first prehistoric fish who crawled out of the water like fuck this I’m gonna change my life.




I now submit this image for Folio Olioers' approval: The Hammerhead Bat, also known as the Winged Moose

So, how many times would early man have to see one of those before you began to believe in unicorns? 

How exactly does he learn he can do that? 

Wolf eats man’s face
The photo below captures the moment a wolf started to attack the face of its trainer, Jacques Suzanne, during the filming of a movie. The camera crew, thinking the attack was part of the stunt, kept on filming.
Suzanne evidently wasn't badly hurt, though the wolf was killed. Apparently, he was the kind of guy who knew how to defend himself against a wolf. Read more about him here:  











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