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Friday, July 17, 2020

FRIDAY #4223

One Of My Very Own



It's a Gabenzaun (gift fence). You put stuff you wanna donate there (food, clothes,..). This one is in Durlach. 

World Championship Sardine Packing Contest
The World Championship Sardine Packing Contest was launched in 1970 in Rockland, Maine. But by 1990 the contest had fizzled out, due largely to an inability to find anyone willing to compete in it. This reflected the decline of the sardine packing industry in the region, as well as a shift to mechanization. 



Tony Galento’s Training Regimen
Domenico Antonio Galento (March 12, 1910 – July 22, 1979) was an American heavyweight boxer. Nicknamed "Two Ton" for his reasoning to his manager for being nearly late to one of his fights: "I had two tons of ice to deliver on my way here". Galento was one of the most colorful fighters in the history of the sport.

While working out a plot for one of my novels I needed a way to immobilize a victim quickly and undetectable. So I got in touch with my nephew the pharmacy professor. He turned me on to gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) (Georgia Home Boy). It's a date rape drug that can be cooked up in your kitchen. After consumption, it is almost undetectable even in an autopsy. 

Brisket Burnt Ends
Have you ever wondered why humans don't eat carnivores? Well, a cow has to eat about 100 pounds of feed to produce one pound of meat. And a carnivore has to eat 100 pounds of herbivore to produce one pound of meat. Do the math.

Speaking of...


The Egg Slide. The entertaining and innovative egg separator.




Animals are 20 minutes old and already know what to do!




The Polar Bear Jail of Churchill
Churchill, Manitoba, is a unique town. A thousand miles north of Winnipeg, it sits on the shores of Hudson Bay. It is home to about 900 people, but they are dominated by polar bears, as Churchill is right on their migration route.
The residents of Churchill used to shoot polar bears that wandered into town, but now they put them in jail instead. It's not a pleasant experience for the bears, but they aren't there to be punished, rather to discourage them from ever wanting anything to do with humans.

Think of a toy store, only instead of toys you have every Covid-19 accessory imaginable, from hand sanitizers to no-touch door openers. That’s the COVID-19 Essentials pop-up store in a nutshell. Located on the second floor of Miami’s Aventura shopping mall, COVID-19 Essentials is described as a one-stop-shop for all your Covid-19 needs. From a plethora of hand sanitizers and disinfectants to really niche gadgets like portable UV light sterilizers and shoe cover dispensers, this specialized store really has it all. According to the entrepreneurs behind Miami’s currently most talked about business, the demand was there and all they had to do was give the people what they wanted, but the shop has been getting some criticism online, with people calling it an opportunistic cash-grab.

 Australian bushranger hanged in 1880,
This is his death mask.


I've never read a headline that comes close to equaling that one.

Is This the World’s Tallest Cactus?

"Kelly Fairhurst, 28, only learned she had uterus didelphys, a condition where a woman has two wombs when she went for her 12-week scan. She was also told she was carrying twins, one in each womb... Fairhurst, who was also surprised to be told she had two cervixes... Doctors have told Fairhurst, who lives in Braintree, Essex, that she might have two separate labors and the plan is for her to have both of the babies by cesarean section." 

On the left Gandalf's "stunt double."  On the right the "scale double" for scenes where Gandalf interacts with hobbits.  You learn something every day.

Oldest Surviving Map of the World


Don't blink...


How did the tiger cross the river?

He just walked.

It’s like the police helicopter that’s been circling my neighborhood for an hour doesn’t even care about us unemployed people trying to watch TV.




Remember my friend who collects star dollars?

Well, he opened a movie, and inside he found a $20 star dollar.


I don't know enough about TikTok to discuss it.


Can we assume they are orphans?

It's a hair dryer.


I was 70 years old before I realized that a hamlet wasn’t an omelet with ham.








I'm going to assume he picked out that location long before the event.


Magnificent graphic design
 I was confused about the red circle until it dawned on me...


Wild in the streets, Jérôme Lagarrigue

Painterly - you can see each brushstroke. I like it very much.  






Don't try that blasphemy shit around here, buddy. 






Anonymous said...

C2- AND! It's a small head bill!

Anonymous said...

Puzzle..I'm not very smart but here goes. 6 first then 4, 2, 7, 5, 3 and 1 last. I think.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle...seems like we need an air vent somewhere otherwise none of them will fill up.

Anonymous said...

Bottle 5!

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